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MHL crew reprezentinnnnnnnn

oh ya jon is a fag


Slooooooooooooooooooooooowmotion man!


So the landlord informs us that there will be raising the monthly fee starting july. If we don’t say anything then it will pass, but we will say things so that it may pass. We shall be paying ten dollars more. Since we got a third roommate, we will negotiate her staying in the exchange of the ten dollars.

I lose at money again.


She takes me money
When I’m in need


which is why you are supposed to pull the tapeworm out of your ass


Or sit in your room.

With a needle in your hand.


I returned the bottles and cans to the convineiint…those things on the corner-store and I got 4 dollars and 15 cents. I left it on the table because I did not buy any of those cans nor bottles. Also I am now farther or closer to getting a job, as I am also closer and much more closer to achieving happyness for I passed the rest of the day playing video games.

video games = no life = success = will be getting a girlfriend


I am living proof that this statement is true.

Oh wai


It seems to have worked for Trotsky.


I just want to say that Mr. Self-Destruct’s new roommate is a giant bitch who’s ruining my life okay.


World of Wonder
An Interactive Fiction by Vaska Zzivanovic
Release 1 / Serial number 070122 / Inform 7 build 4F59 (I6/v6.31 lib 6/11N) SD

You stand in a meadow, which is full of grass. A path of grass leads north and south, where you can see more grass.


You find yourself in a field of grass. A familiar grass path leads south, where you see grass very similar to the grass on and amid which you are now standing.




A pasture surrounds you, as does grass. The path, which is made of grass, leads to the north. To the north you see grass.

Here with you is a shoelace.

>take shoelace
Fwomp. The Flaming El Donko is before you.

A pasture surrounds you, as does grass. The path, which is made of grass, leads to the north. To the north you see grass.

The Flaming El Donko is here. He leers at you.

>examine flaming el donko
A giant floating head aflame with flame. He winks at you.



Give shoelace to The Flaming El Donko!

Now who is that room mate. :reversal of fortune:





Hey Vaska remember when we were on Nationstates?

Well, the group of people I’ve secretly infiltrated for nefarious purposes have an RP section which is like nationstates if things like wars or actually enforced UN laws were allowed.



Nefarious purposes indeed!


Uhhhh…I don’t remember that line. Perhaps I was too busy speeding through the dialogue.


Even nintendo loves taylon!


Hey! Speaking of Mario…



God damn it, he’s right!