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This makes 2,288 posts in total. Hooray!

For those uninitiated, this is one of the larger threads ever created on the PHL community that was created by me (Skipper in the original topic) to annoy Jaxian. Eventually it grew beyond our control and devoured young cambodian children for fun.

If you’re wondering what you should post, let me help:

Romsus: I played some UT today and I lost.

Trot_to_Trotsky: You’re a big fag.

Jaxian: Sh.

Romsus: [img-pokey no]

Span that over 2288 posts…and we find ourselves here.

Just some simple rules: post about anything, E/N, games, movies, whatever. In BNSL there is no thread hijack. It’s an amorphous mass that takes no definable shape. There is only one thing I think we all frown upon, and that’s post counts. Don’t just post numbers for the sake of posting numbers. It’s annoying and serves no function. That’s about it for rules and regulations…

So, get posting you big fags.

Hooray for the mighty BNSL!

Rejoice, for it has returned. I am rejoicing.

According to the last few BNSL posts, we were talking about how great MSPaint is.

MSPaint is great because it helps me create Taylon comics.

I started playing Deus ex because sometimes I just don’t get in on these trends early enough (you can bet I had half-life right away though).

Anyways… I think that if dinosaurs had nano-aumentations, they would beat robots, but not otherwise.

I watched movies at Trotsky’s last night and now my car has a flat tire. I blame him for this. He obviously needs to clean the nails/broken syringes/furry costumes from in front of his house before he has company.

I yiff’d the air right out of that sucker.

I did not need to hear that.

What movies did you watch?

Yes. It makes a difference.

The Invincible Super Chan!

70 minutes of wrath, 10 minutes of dialogue! Greatest movie ever.

I need to see that film, but 10 minutes of dialogue, is it really necessary?

It really wasn’t necessary.

That can be easily talked over…

I played some UT today and I lost.

UT, eh? Time to buy Return to Castle Wolfenstein…

Time to buy Outpost 2 you fools…

Wolfenstein? But…I don’t have $55…

Outpost 2 can be purcashed for $9.99.

I say that’s still too high for beep beep and “Our people are dying.”

I agree with Aaron, why bother with silly (and badly animated) space violence, when you can jack nazis in the face with a flamethrower?

Originally posted by Romsus
Wolfenstein? But…I don’t have $55…

BEAST BUY has it for only $45 where I am. If you meant the original Wolfenstein, well…let’s just say it’s “on the house”.

UT is fun, Quake3 for some reason I haven’t played in ages, so UT is basically a replacement for that.

But indeed RTCW is the shit.

45 bucks??

The Best Buy I go to is ripping me off…