Buy Now, Save Later!


I didn’t get any presents except for the ones I bought myself. However, I bought lots of presents for others, so I should be racking up enough good karma to last me through the winter.


I remember when there was a thread called BNSL (3)


<img src=“”>




wrong, its the plans to a 3 megaton nuclear weapon.


If you note the watermark in the lower left quadrant, you can clearly see that this is, in fact, a schematic for a 3.125-megaton nuclear weapon.


God damn, nobody has been BNSLing for a while.

And good, because this thread sucks, and the fucker who started it is a flaming homosexual with AIDS.



God, that’s HOT.


Today I bought a special edition playboy and a carton of chocolate milk cost: 12.94$. The lady at the counter called me mister…I laughed.


A playboy and milk? What’s the milk fo- oh god! Ewww! Totally didn’t need to know that…


What was so special about the issue of playboy, was it like “Winter edition” or did it have some fancy cover or something (I’m guessing that’s probally not what it was since usually scantily clad ladies are the order of the day for these kind of magazines and not “Special hologram playboy cover”).

Either way it sounds pretty expensive!


speaking of expensives, how much would it cost to get a new delicious taylon?


Subject: it’s susanne, it’s maggoty
Body: It’s a mercy that poor emma baby of a mother of yours didn’t live said my aunt


but then again who does?


you people disgust me


Man you haven’t posted in like 300000 years.


wrong, but close enough, so how is everyone?


Good now that NeonDarkness is posting again!