Why can't we just ban him?


Today at work was kool and yet a lil frustrating. On the 1 hand, I had to del with a lot of internet users that didn’t know 619 to what a right click on a connection was to get to its properties where. On the other hand, for my services as a employee were rewarded by a 15$ dollar gift card for Big K. I hear Cds are in much need for my pc if I’m gonna load Visual J++ 6 on and start learning about Java again. Anyways, I’m tired of alot of Drama other people create at times. SO till further notice My LJ -=will=- stay friends only till other people can grow up and act thier ages and get on with their lives and leave others alone. You do reap what you sow, those are words to heed by.

Hahaha, I read that and all I can hear is Roms doing Leon’s voice in the second Taylon movie.


We’ve got to get him back to these forums. Anyone remember when he called me a “tubrin wearing” terrorist lover?


And then he swore. And then he got angry about people swearing.

Good times.


I had links to all those good threads but all the old threads were deleted grr grr grr grr grr grr grr grr grr.


What is a tubrin?

Edit: According to GIS, this is a tubrin:


Perhaps this Turbin fellow is a terrorist.

Perhaps Trot once wore…


I’ll stop.