Why can't we just ban him?

You know EXACTLY who I’m talking about.

hey guys here’s 90000000000 screenshots of me winning a game i’m really good don’t you agree??? zing what oh


More like


because it’s funny that he’s so retarded.

because. its funny taht hes So retarded QED.

ok, what would be the reason if i did ban him?

Well, we could always just vote him off the island, if you guys want him gone. He hasn’t really acted too badly in a while, so I don’t see much reason to ban him without a 2/3 majority against him. Next major offense and he’s perm banned though, since he has a history and he has been warned. But untill then, just turn off his posts in your User CP or just ignore his posts entirely. That’s usually my strategy.

but then you don’t know when he acts up!

(voted Leon)

I know when he acts up. It’s a 6th sense of mine that’s been carefully honed in the field of battle/forums. Don’t worry, he’s under careful surveillance.

Lucky. My 6th sense just tells me when he’s being foolish. It goes off every twenty minutes or so.

My Leon sense is tingling.

ok spiderman

this good enough reason? http://forums.psx-dude.net/showpost.php?p=94256&postcount=1304

That and the fact that he just posted in all major groups again…

i’ve never heard of anyone being banned for posting, if this were a more active forum, you probably wouldn’t see leons name at all.

But he posts for the sake of posting, not to contribute to the discussions.

IU’ve heard of people being banned for stupidity…

I notice he is not banned yet. This makes smee a sad panda.

i didn’t know you were a panda, ok, i’ll ban him for that other crap and say we were discussing it, and if anyone complains i’ll just say chembot did it :slight_smile:

sounds good to me