Why can't we just ban him?

If you listen carefully, you can almost hear the Allegro from Beethoven’s 6th…

Edit: I now propose we ban Squall and all his cronies.

Yeah, in fact, we should ban everyone. That way nobody can’t spam and be stupid because they are all stupid stupids.

See, ChemBot knows whats up.

smee has been banned.

leon is funny:

[11:00:23PM] --> Leon (Onsen@ has joined #chat
[11:00:51PM] <Leon> ahem… knock knock
[11:01:07PM] <Zeidrich> yo
[11:01:12PM] <Leon> lo
[11:01:30PM] <Zeidrich> no one’s ever in here
[11:01:37PM] <Zeidrich> Vaska and Roms used to come
[11:01:39PM] <Zeidrich> wahh
[11:01:52PM] <Leon> Thats odd, I came by to check with chris on why I can’t post now.
[11:02:18PM] <Zeidrich> perhaps chris may have this answer!
[11:02:42PM] <Leon> See if there was a issue or had I done something against the ToS and such.
[11:03:14PM] <Zeidrich> I know not of "TOS"s
[11:03:22PM] <Leon> Terms of Srv.
[11:03:28PM] <Zeidrich> o
[11:05:04PM] <Leon> this what I have when i log on …
[11:05:05PM] <Leon> You may not post new threads
[11:05:08PM] <Leon> You may not post replies
[11:05:08PM] <Leon> You may not post attachments
[11:05:08PM] <Leon> You may not edit your posts
[11:05:20PM] <Leon> So that tells me either
[11:05:35PM] <Leon> 1 I’ve done something horriblly wrong.
[11:05:39PM] <Leon> or
[11:05:51PM] <Leon> 2 Something is messed up on my account
[11:06:03PM] <Zeidrich> maybe someone accidently banned you?
[11:06:17PM] <Leon> And only Chris would have teh answer to that one.
[11:06:32PM] <Zeidrich> yay for chris!
[11:15:33PM] <Leon> Well anyway he doesn’t seem to be payting attention or he’s asleep.Oh well, rather go play some ut2k3. Caio
[11:16:03PM] <-- Leon has quit (Quit: If you have a brain, you’ll back off next time you see my login.)

that’s irc by the way, if you ever wanna stop by and chat.


Edit: Squall is insane, and not the happy Trotsky kind of insane either. This is why he needs to be banned.

Well, he certainly is insane. I have no idea why he has these violent delusions towards people that disagree with his point of view, especially after stating that freedom is so important to him. Frankly, I’m considering just banning him for his threatening implications, even if he isn’t outright threatening violence at anyone. We’ll see if a warning will do.

I vote we keep Squall.

It’s not everyday that my death is fortold, whereby some bloody police state that spawns out of the actions OF THESE VERY FORUMS kills me AND my entire FAMILY!!!

He’s about as hilariously crazy as anyone I’ve ever seen.

Fixed for correctness.

Trotsky, Rom, whats the difference?

hay guys how 'bout that aviena
she sure is a pleasant sort eh what

She is the example of what every poster should aspire to be.

I’m at work so I can’t click on them, but did she post links to pictures of asses? Like, the human rear end kind? That’s a bannable offense…

She (actually, Leon) posted actual pictures which KBV edited into links.

Also they are not work safe.

i banned her for two weeks.

The kiddie toucher’s now spamming my live journal as a guest.

I can’t be fucked to delete the posts, I’ll just let them build up and then report him. Or you guys can help me out and leave nice remarks on his.

You can find his live journal at http://www.livejournal.com/users/leonmcnichols/

or just disable posts by guests on your journal…

But where’s the fun in that?

ping -t (his ip) <his ip=""> <his ip=""></his></his>

Which I now have as my Live Journal logged it.

Suddenly having aLive Journal is fun.

For those of you who did post of Leon’s journal, he has retreated.

Thank you.