Why are mp3's illegal?

Here’s an actualy quote I heard “A file will be sent nationwide that will tell the user to delete all of their illegal mp3’s in one day or their hard-drive will be erased”

First of all FIREWALLS.

Second of all someone out there will be able to find a way to get rid of the file.

Has anyone else heard of this?

The actual codec “MP3” itself is not illegal at all. Its the songs themselves that are considered illegal. Also, what you are talking about with the whole hard-drive destroying is just a stupid rumor fueled by recent events concerning the RIAA “crackdown”

oh. good

They can’t destroy your property. Not if you did not do anything wrong and having MP3s is far from bad.

pretty much anyone with an internet connection has mp3’s…

how do they know if you didn’t rip the cd’s yourself? it’s kinda foolish to destroy a computer because a person has legal backups of their music.

same can be said for roms.
you can tell them “oh yeah these are all just backups”

I have just about every album I own backed up as MP3s.

What’s better is that I’m within the law.

I fought the law and the law didn’t won.

The RIAA is redundant. Why throw people in jail over this and fine them for legal copies of music? We could rename all of our MP3s to WAV files and they would probably not notice.
If you ask me, sometime OGG will be the new mainstream music format.
The hollywood recording industry is the same way as the RIAA. They have threatened to attack online movie distrubuters using “t3h 1337 h4x0r1n6 t4ct1cs” to destroy peoples hard drives. Im so scared. :stuck_out_tongue:
I download music, and if I like it, I sometimes buy some cds if they are worth my money. If not, I just get the MP3s and not buy the CDs.
Examples of stuff I do not buy: Nu-metal, pop and mainstream rap and hip-hop bullshit. :stuck_out_tongue:

I buy whatever moves me. Which is mostly just rock :-D.

I want one of those anti-RIAA shirts.

Yep. :smiley:
I want one of those STFU shirts.

hehe I saw a WTF? one too

Yeah, cause getting shirts saying WTF and STFU is the coolest type of clothing you can wear.

I could just get one that says " you don’t understand me " or " chicks dig pale guys " eh Rav?

It’s not having the MP3s thats illegal, it’s distributing them without the author’s permission. Oh, and sending a file that destroys your HD would be very illegal, thus, people have a bigger case of suing whoever is distributing the file than the distributor would have of suing the people for having MP3s.

I could easily avoid all this if necesarry by clicking “do not share files” on Kazzalite. I heard the RIAA mostly goes after people who contribute greatly to mp3 sharing. Like those guys you see out there on DC and Soulseek with 100+ gigs of mp3s.

hides himself

I have like 130 MP3s, and that’s the most I’ve ever had.

as of current… I have 950. almost at that 1000 mark.

I have 1,683 MP3s, or arround 5.3 GB. I don’t share my MP3s though, I mostly just share games, applications, and anime fansubs.