What does everyone do?


Currently i am working in Private Firm.


I’m curretly taking up Diploma in Programming and I’m one of the bloggers of ROOTCON( a hacker conference in the Philippines.) I am into Information Security but I still call myself a n00b since there are still things I should learn.

My blog:http://blog.rootcon.org/


Motherfucking Kernel Hacker at a major Enterprise Linux company! What what!


Awesome! Can you provide a name? I’m over at Teradata as a Software Engineer. But I mostly am setting up systems (Gitorious, Jenkins) and integrating a CI environment, and will eventually be part of the kernel team working on some C code. By night I program Java, Php, and Mongo :).


Storagecraft as an Emergency Dispatch tech assisting with troubleshooting when Restores go awry, plus Shipping & Handling, and order processing.


Is that for commercial or residential applications? I’m curious about this because I’ve been trying to wrap my head around different storage solutions and services. I’d like to setup a server locally running btrfs with some redundancy build in for media storage, and maybe provide a cloud-upload service.


Sweet! I work at Red Hat.

Edit: I’ve been here 4.5 years now.


Call our sales team, ask for nilton, say you know me and was referred to for a 1 month evalu for home business purposes.


I ended up working there for 6 years before I quit and started working at NetApp.


I setup a Freenas box with an old Xeon processor I found locally. and have 12tb of storage. No problems yet. I like the interface and it saturates my gigabit network rather well. Plus with Plex it transcodes to tablets and computers and such.


Cool. I have a neat lab at NetApp at my disposal with some storage as well. :slight_smile: I’m currently working on new and exciting things with FlexPod to make it massively more open. Fun stuff!


Vonage Business Technical Division Tier 2 Support. Other than that, playing with UE4 still.