What does everyone do?


[left]Well the business cards that the boss gives me to hand out to people say “Technical Administrator” this reads the dumb bitch who has to keep the computers running no matter WHAT everyone else in the office does.

And on top of that I have to fix the Copier and the Fax!


Sweet, everyone must bow down right? And they listen and don’t open that .exe attachment named coderedinstaller.exe right?



It means that even if I haven’t been there for 2 weeks EVERY mistake is my fault. You should have heard them bitch when I was in the hospital for a week. I was rude, inconsiderate, and lucky I wasn’t fired for Insubordination. How DARE I not show up to work!

I just remind myself, They pay me bucko bucks to put up with this.

And then make sure that the server goes down once a month Wink


I’ll be programming this summer for a big company. They’re going to pay me $20/hour too!

School blows.


So now I’m a pharmacy clerk. I used to be bitter about the career change (change from career to no career) until I found out that my old workplace is being closed down and my former cow-orkers all need to find new jobs anyway. I can’t wait to make fun of their new jobs, even when they get jobs that are better than mine. Haha, you only make 60k per year with the possibility to make 100k in 5 years? Man, sucks to be you!


I am reviving this thread necromancer style! It’s halfway skeleton and missing an eye, but it sure smells like death, I mean, brand new!

Today I’m starting my new job at Circuit City in the computer department. More pay + luscious gigs and megs and really broad bands! Still working at the pharmacy though, so I won’t be getting a day off for a few months. I probably won’t die, right?


Did they make you take that shitty Star Wars flash training thing yet? That thing is hilariously bad.


um, not yet I guess. But I did screw around and not actually do any real work for 5 hours. Made me feel good to be paid for that again.


I’m majoring in engineering at Rensselaer Polytech. in Troy, NY. I enjoy:

Laughing at arch. majors for their large amounts of work
Making fun of CompSci majors for their inferior major

That is all.


Nothing wrong with us CS majors! We just take less physics and math courses is all. I think Pip goes to the same college.


Purdue. Computer Graphics Tech. Also, this state’s team is the Colts? What is football?


It sounds like a game you play with your foot.


I think it’s that game where they play with the football-shaped balls.


Oh. Sounds cool!


I tried to find any sort of contact info for Pip, but it seems he hasn’t posted here in a months and I haven’t seen him on AIM or anything. Anyone know what his real name is?


Have you tried http://www.pipian.com ? He updated there as of last week, so you can find some sort of contact info there maybe?


I apologize in advance if this is some unwanted internet detectivety on my part (I got it from internic):

Ian Jacobi (pipian@pipian.com)
12204 Papaya Ct. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111

Seems he is helped out at an anime con in new york http://genericon.union.rpi.edu/contact.htm ([COLOR=#ff0000]jacobi@rpi.edu[/COLOR]), maybe he’d answer an email from there.


Oh, I know of Genericon all too well. It’s this massive anime convention that we have on our campus. I did get in touch with Pip via AIM after all.


Taking basic LAN, Database and Computer Science classes at my local community college. Taking it just for a review pretty much, or learn a few new things.


I worked on this page a bit. I downloaded a new version of vbulletin I still need to install!

Enjoy those networking classes, I had a lot of fun in them. Sure beats Compiler Construction!