What does everyone do?


I was just wondering what everyone is doing and what they’re up to. I’m currently attending UCSD working on a Computer Science degree and trying to begin some part time side work to make some money.


Assistant manager @ Sam Goody.


Substitute teacher. Full-time alcoholic.


College student majoring in CompSci (as the cool kids like to call it), part time computer tech at a LAN gaming and computer sales shop, part time booze hound majoring in hard liquor with an emphasis on vodka.


I lie around and sometimes I sleep.


Some job involving electrical engineering which I am horribly unqualified for, yet nobody seems to care.


Are you doing anything that could potentially kill anyone?


I work at a gas station.

I work at a gas station.

I work at a gas station.



Can you put $5 on number 6? Oh, and I’ll take a couple o’ them pork snacklins.


I’m currently studying Computing software development (Over here in Brit-land we don’t have computer science but when you get to a certain level of computing you get to pick if you want to specialise in software development or Hardware Studies ) at college.

I was going to go on to do computer game development but I’m not sure if I’m going to continue with that anymore though or change subjects because I used to really love computing but lately I’ve been getting pretty sick of it.

Anyway I don’t have a job right now (But I am looking), I do however rent some properties.

Also I like to sometimes drink copious amounts of whisky at discounted student bars and occasionly at dance or “Alternative music” places (Thats Metal and Punk and stuff, I have no idea why they call it “Alternative Music”).


I peed in those.


I only do CAD work.

Though it’s for an auto plant, so I could always neglect to put a safety device on one of the gates that lead inside the fences…so there’s a chance someone could get their head clamped by a robot.




Oh snap. I go to Drexel in Philly.


Just in case everyone’s forgotten.


I am currently taking CTN 101 (Introduction to Computer Hardware and Technology) at South Seattle Community College. So far, most of the beginning stuff is a review but I have learned about the Base 2, Base 10 and Base 16 systems, which I didn’t really learn much about at first. I also learned about ESD or electrostatic discharge. After all these years of working on computers, I’ve learned that according to the book and my teacher, it appears I’ve been very lucky not to destroy any of my hardware (since I never used a anti-static wrist strap or a static ground).


Oh I’ve never used anti-static crap. I just touch the case and don’t wear socks. (Sometimes I’m naked when I build a computer, but don’t tell anyone). Never fried a chip (well that one was broken before, I swear!)

I’ve put my mobo in the freezer to get off a heatsink, ask your teacher about that!


I are doing stuff on teh intarweb. Also schooooooool.


Are you running Google yet pip?


Fucking career changes.


I touched a giant robot arm once.

Who wants to worship me?