Valve's Steam makes me giggle

While I was at work today, I left steam running, in hopes that I would come home to find a new half-life 2 video, but instead I find Half-Life 1 downloaded and installed on my C: drive!

Note: I already have Half-Life installed on my D: drive.

Moral of the story kids? Steam == Free Half-Life.

Steam == what is steam?

Steam is a really really crappy P2P program made by Valve, reason unknown.

It was made to make sure your copy of [enter Valve game here] was upto date. It also acts a bit like gamespy (If I remember correctly).

When ever you connected to a server though it, it would see if your game is upto date. Then it will download and install any patches it needed for for you automatically.

Good idea, done badly.


But right now you can download direct-feed Half-Life 2 Bink format videos from Steam, and the way they play, it looks EXACTLY like real-time rendering. Pretty sweet stuff.

I have the video files themselves, and can upload to a remote host, such as an FTP or something, if anyone so desires.

I desire. Both you and the files.

Me too. I desire both Smee and the files.

Where can I upload them to?

I will PM you the address and login info for my FTP server where you can upload them.

I’ve started uploading them. It’ll probably take a while, since each file is 60-80 megs apiece, and my upload is capped at 30kb/s…

how many do you have?

Three… the G-Man demo, Kleiner’s Lab, and the Docks.

Note - The videos are done uploading.

Did you upload Ian porn as well?

They’re up on my FTP if you want to download them everybody. You can log in anonymously if you don’t know the login info. PM me if you don’t know the address and I’ll tell you, but most people should know it by now. Also, these are just higher quality video segments of the E3 video that was released a while ago, not new footage.

Oh my, I hope I didn’t insinuate that these videos were new… I just mean they are direct streams, instead of crappy handheld cam captures…

There’s a new video out now and it’s up on my FTP. It shows the boobytrapped town scene. Go get eet!

Where is this “ftp” you speak of?