Valve's Steam makes me giggle

…That movie was…beautiful.

I must have this game right now.

Oh hey, there’s a new video on my FTP now. This is footage that wasn’t in the E3 video, so it’s extra delicious!

Ohhh no, Not that again, We got enough of that last-last New Year when he got drunk and started posting pictures of himself naked on DPPH.

I’ll have you know those were two totally seperate occasions. I was perfectly sober when I started posting on DPPH.

Besides, WAM had no fucking right bringing my actions on a completely seperate forum to CS. All it did was cause drama. I’m still pretty fucking bitter about that, and I really do thank you for bringing it up again… -_-++

Woah, Sorry Smee, I think I must have remembered that wrong, I thought it was mentioned at CS because you posted it there, The post at CS was all edited and stuff when I looked(After someone mentioned it in #Q3D).

Woah, Sorry about that Smee, I didnt know you felt that way about the whole DPPH thing or I wouldnt have mentioned anything about it.

eh, no biggie, i didnt want to come off as a big jerk, i just wanted you to know how i felt.

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