The Terminator for Governer of Calif

You heard just saw it on Jay Leno a serious conversation where Arnold has announced his plan to run for Gov. of Calif. I’d slither over broken glass to support that !

I doubt that. Prove it, and provide photographic evidence.

I knew he was gonan do that a few days ago. And I don’t even watch the Jay Leno show.

Also, some peroxide blond is running. I forget her name.

Good thing I happen to be a California resident of voting age. Arnie wins the election and my heart…

For clarification, I wasn’t doubting Arnold. I was asking Leon to slither over broken glass and then post a picture of himself, preferably before it all coagulates.

Coming from you that post was expected. DOesn’t make it any less mind throbbingly painful…

In in a lurch: if Arnie is elected, he could spark a political revolution in the nation where people who are not Arnie will be crushed by the people who are Arnie.

However, if he’s elected then he can’t make any more movies, and I won’t be able to sit in the theater and make snide comments anymore.

That just doesn’t play in Middle America.

Well you can’t really say never anymore movies. At least no movies for around a period of 4 years.

That’s fine by me, they can just use the time off to build up Aliens VS Predators, featuring Arnie as the Cyborg.


I seriously hope that doesnt become a movie.

Are You Mad!?

Im mad at hollywood for their unoriginality.

It sure is the town’s fault, not the NYC-based media companies which sign the movies.

Oh, hey, a movie with Jamie Lee Curtis and some teenage girl where they exchange bodies! YAY!

Christ, the fucking Flinstones ran that joke into the ground. THE FLINSTONES!

Mr Hitler I do not need your hate.

Don’t you?

Governor Arnie in… “Escape from San Francisco.” Co starring Kurt Russel as His old role “snake”.

they’re already making fun of him on cnn saying he doesn’t know what he’s doing and stuff. Last night he held a press conferance saying that he will show us his plan for reducing the debt in the state of California and CNN says he doesn’t have a plan. hmmmm

is arnold conservative or liberal?

Conservative, though I’m not sure whether that’s European conservative or American conservative.

He’s a republican, but even so I still support him. There are no good democrat canidates, and Arnold is really the only compelling republican. Besides, Arnold is awesome, which is something that very very few people in the government can claim.