The crap month of november is around the corner, votes?

So who’s everyone voting for and why this come november?

I’ll start off: I’m voting for ben stein, because: kerry is taking california even if he was an alien who just wanted world domination.

Bush, because even though I am not eligible to vote I’m sure he will count my vote if he is not in the lead!

I live in a swing state, so my vote counts! That’s why I’m voting for Nader.

Hey, who are thess– hey, let go of my leg! And my neck! Don’t play with kniiiiiiiiiiiv

Kerry IS an alien determined to take over the world. But really, what’s a little world domination in these times of terrorism, eh?


I’m a Dubya American!

So I’m voting the eagle that is crying because the towers fell.

what about a crying beaver

I tried to find a picture of a crying beaver for you on google but all it came up with was a knight, an angel and best of all:

But seriously I think you guys are screwed this year or something.

Yeah, pretty much. I especially like how we’re shouting at each other about the candidates when neither candidate is actually going involve himself in the governing of the country, but will instead leave it to the entourage who will come to the White House with him.

I can’t vote and I don’t care

It’s not like anything that happens in your insignificant little countty will ever affect me.

Hooray, Crazy fool!

Yeah, our politicians have way more interesting debates anyhow and if any member of public threaten or upset them they SOCK THEM IN THE EYE!

Or they drive when they could have walked for 2 minutes right after telling us to conserve fuel.

I <3 teh Labour!

These next four years are going to suck politically. I say someone’s getting nuked by 2006… Any takers?

When you think about it, who really needs Portugal?

hmm, they should encourage nukings, hell, i’ll go watch one (from a safe distance, let the idiots get front row seats)

holy crap its crazy-fool, ever heard of a tv show called the office?

Oh boy I can’t wait!!!

So basically, we’re boned.

Unless Kerry wins, in which case we may or may not be slightly less boned.

Either way, boned.

If anyone but ben stein wins, we’re boned. i mean, he wears a suit and tennis shoes! and he’s smart, so he knows what to do!

just imagine a congressional meeting, “anyone? anyone? anyone?

Hold the phone guys, I think I have found the perfect applicant:

“Why vote for the lesser evil?” sure is a catchy slogan!

the more evil the better eh?