Suggestion Box

If anyone has any suggestions on how to make the forums and my main page better, please post here, pm me, or send me an E-Mail.

What about a “Visiting artist” image gallery on the site itself? Where people can showcase their work with a nice description; what software they used, approaches, time to make it all, a bit about the artist him/herself etc. You know, just like has.

I say we have a big “We Love Smee!” page.

… no… just… just no…

I don’t think he’d be averse (That’s the right word?) to an “I love Archive!” page…

That’s an even worse idea the the smee page. Go away.

I don’t know why I’m still here. Let’s stick with just the role-playing page then, eh?

hey! why not just have a “love and peace” forum… since we do have a flamage forum… though, that is the gayest idea of them all… nm…

What about “love, peace, and donuts”?

As for a serious idea: Turn off the “Viewing attachment” in who’s online (for images anyway) like I did on my forums. If people use posted images in their sigs (e.g. vlad), it’s a good plan, so as not to confuse people on their location.

repeat that in english

No more "Viewing attatchment in thread “File Attatchment Thread” whenever you see one of vlad’s posts.

secure the pages more, onmouseover and onload are VERY dangerus abilites for a user to have.

onLoad, yes.

onMouseOver is still useful at times though (when, say, warnings are given as to what it will do)

i say we start a organization which goal is to DOMINATE THE EARTH!!! hahahahhahah

just a thought

i second

Hey, me and beth got a great forum idea!

yes, having to do with giving advice. :slight_smile:

love advice.

I need no help.


i think a large section envolving relationships would be amusing