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pOnju has one already, so it’s not unprecedented. I’ll leave well enough alone because I would have to suffer the stigma of “stealing” the idea. You go right ahead, because my forums aren’t important enough.


yeah, i got the idea from ponju.

and we want to do it in your forums too, pip, you complete idiot jackass you


Well I was not informed of this until Beth told me.


Originally posted by Pipian
because my forums aren’t important enough.

Yes, yes they are.




Well, people post on his, compared to mine…

Back on topic.


vB-Tetris, or vb-Arcade!


Originally posted by Calosus
What about a “Visiting artist” image gallery on the site itself? Where people can showcase their work with a nice description; what software they used, approaches, time to make it all, a bit about the artist him/herself etc. You know, just like has.

Please don’t ignore this again … :frowning:


Well, he’s been ignoring most of the stupff in here.


It’s called work, this server does cost money to keep it up.


Oh, I am sorry. I didn’t know you had to pay for the ‘suggestions’ …


… what?


I thought you were trying to make that clear to me, in an indirect way. *

[size=1](* Remember?)[/size]

It’s called work, this server does cost money to keep it up.


Nice page Cal.




Originally posted by Calosus
Matthew was referring to your gallery on


Steven was correct


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Oh, in that case thank you Data-Distruption.


vBulletin doesn’t seem to handle image attachments well on Mozilla for Linux (faulty content types? Or maybe only pngs work?). Compare with this link: with this one:

The former (in linux) only offers a download box. The latter views the image.


Mozilla has problems with viewing php attachements, it thinks they’re all .php files. That’s probably it.