Star Trek Captains

What’s your favorite star trek captain? (I forgot the bakula’s character on enterprise, i couldn’t think of his name)

Give pros of your choice and cons of other peoples’ choices.

ADDITION: Make a post for an addition of a poll item instead of just voting for what’s listed.

Capt. Jonathan Archer

Picard = best captain ever

What About The Sisko? The Chosen 1…

Screw you, Enterprise is fucking horrible, and a disgrace to the Star Trek series.

I could be all “Hey, look at me, I’m cool and nostalgic” by saying Kirk… but god dammit, Kirk wasn’t even 1/3rd as smooth and intelligent as Picard. Best captain ever.

Lieutenant Worf, during that one episode were Picard was presumed dead.

Byte me Goatee Boy. Psx said he forgot the Capt’s name in Enterprise. Had you read that post you would have relized i was -=just=- answering his question.


Sisko was a commander, not a captain. [EDIT]Untill season three when he became captain, that is…[/EDIT] You’re also forgetting Captain Catherine Janeway.

Picard ahoy!

Hmmm… shiney dome head…

3y3 H8 St4r Tr4k, S74ir Wh0r3s = G4wd

Kirk needs Spock. I don’t see Spock on the list, so Kirk cannot win.


And the answer is Pike.

No man, Pike was like, totally messed up after his encounter with a glass cell and people with big brains.

doube post… far out…

Sorry. Just venting anger. I have so much seething hatred for Enterprise, its not even funny.

Oblivion - make less sense plz

Um… Obi-wan?

you are correct I apologize for that.

Captain Catherine Janeway…and Captain Piccard…Its a tough choice…

well i hope those who had other favorite captains didn’t already vote… it looks like the 7 people that visit here have already cast their votes…

in the future make a post for an addition of a poll item instead of just voting for what’s listed.

Well I voted for Picard and I’m stickin’ by it!