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Or when Squall existed, and is a fat turd who nobody likes, and Squall’s website is like reading the final words of a diabetic fatass methadone addict?

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OK, How did YOU get Leon’s phone number, I know it’s Unlisted.

And as far as I can tell Squall still exists, Otherwise I’m Co-Authoring stuff with a Ghost. Nothing new for ME, but it might come as a surprise to Squall.

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If your not a Mormon or a bigamist you can’t get a job in Utah. Me technically I’m Mormon (My mom was one and I joined the church at 10 because she wanted me to, I have broken several of the commandments and they STILL will not excomunicate me!!!) I think I could get a job there.

Then again I believe in Polyamoury. Everyone should have as many husband/wives as their spouces will tolerate

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Unless they have multiple children at one time or harvest their eggs.

Harvest… reminds me of the harvest festivals of old when I used to take cans of beans to school and the female teachers used to bring in their eggs. The fun we had making baked bean omelettes.

Co-Authoring? Does that mean Squall writes out 400 pages of text, without using a single capital letter, or paragraph break, all about how “the secret space project that the UN started with funding from bigfoot and other agencies thereby uknown to LAYMEN SUCH AS TROTSKY ON THE INTERNET FORUM, also girls don’t talk to me,” and then you add: “Oh yeah Anime lol”?

But seriously, I want to see what master work you two are coming up with.

Oh, and prediction: Squall will post at some point in this thread and will start off his post with

A Squall rises in the east to meet the neverending forces of darkness…

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I Uz£s L33t Tlk 4 AI m k3w!

Trot, you seem to LOVE to spit Vitriol, but I have a VERY simple answer for you. I’m going to quote one of the stories Squall and I work on right here. Maybe Squall will be equally generious, but I doubt it. He writes good bone chiling suspenceful stuff. I tend to write more about how characters inter-react.

Fiction » Fantasy » A Moments Peace
Author: MarPai
Fiction Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Reviews: 2 - Publish date: 08-18-05 - Updated: 08-18-05 story id: 1988912

The magess looks up from where she is curled up on the bed, watching the demon lord calmly. His dark eyes meet her, his gaze somewhat impassive, but still edgy

“My Lord?” she slips off the bed and drops to her knees, bowing her head before him, not at all sure why he is still upset.

“Jishin, I do not want you doing what you intend. I would loose you, and that would be extremely….displeasing.”

The woman looks up, “But my lord, it was to be my gift to you, to prove I’m loyal.”

He miles at her slightly, there while looking her in the eye, “You think I doubt your loyalty?

“Why else do you want me to tell you how to kill them. I have already abandoned my demonic kin. All my cousins hate me for being with you. And D’Vari,” the woman shivers then, “He wants to kill us both.”

The demon lord raises an eyebrow, “I don’t stand for my queens being hated.”

The mage drops her head and says softly, “I am never your Queen, My Lord, only your slave girl.”

A low chuckle emerges from the Demon’s throat, “Such was never the final intention for you ‘Slave girl’. Such was temporary.” He pauses then to gently stroke her face, “Though also….permanent.” He say the words softly, being those he had not spoken, made note of in any kind, so far back as they had known each other.

The woman’s eyes are soft as she looks back up and into his, “I don’t mind being hated for loving you. I am used to it now.”

“I, however, mind it.” The demon lord looks down into her eyes, a touch of rage in his own, “I mind others not trembling and bowing down before you, doing whatever you may command at an instant’s notice.”

The mage smiles, “That is not the place I want, My Lord.”

“You also didn’t want to be a slave.” He smiles remember their early days. How she had nearly killed him twice, refused to speak to him except when forced for 2 long years. It makes his next words all the more sweet, “Now you seem to nearly beg of it, many times.”

The mage rises to her feet and moves to her lord’s side, slipping under his powerful arm, an arm that could snap her neck like a twig, “This is where I wish to be, My lord, Forever.”

The demon holds her close, “And you would be, even as a queen.”

The magess shakes her head, “I don’t want to be a Queen.” Her voice sounds almost despairing as he repeats his request, there is so little she can bring herself to refuse him anymore. “I know them from the court. A queen is a hateful vapid creature only wanting power and more power.”

The Demon smiles, “All of them my Jishin?” He touches her lips to still her comments, “I remember another, your own matriarch, who still calls out in carnal lust when with me, begging me to remind her of her place, curled around my feet. Much like another woman I remember, actually.” And he stares into her dark but gentle eyes

“She called me a traitor. And you know I tried to kill you, My lord. It took me years to even TALK to you after that. The only time I would was to answer you.”

The demon nods, “Which I likewise recall. You were so lonely, for so long.”

The magess looks down and way, “Yes, I was.” So much sorrow in her voice, so much pain. Even after hundreds of years, learning from him, having him stir her desires and passions to fever pitch, it still hurts, like salt in a wound.

“And some traitor, Jishin. Holding out for so long, when your own queen had long since given up any struggle, save for that which is against you, when you are holding my interest. Like now.”

“She is right in the end, my lord. I am a traitor.”

The demon lord touches her face softly, lifting her chin, “As is she, to her own kingdom and people.”

“My lord. I failed, I couldn’t bring myself to kill you.”

He smiles at her then sadly, remember HIM, “Only one has ever had the strength to.” He looks deeply into her dark eyes, “Do you feel shame, even now, over that fact?”

The mages voice is a mere whisper of sound, barely audible, “Sometimes, My lord. I am so weak compared to what I should have been.”

The demon lord changes the…’Focus’….of his eyes, and narrows them slightly, gazing into hers. “Compared to what WOMAN?” The done in his voice slightly different…and more aggressive aspect of her personality, easily visible to her, “What you…Should have been? I think you forget REALITY woman…”

The woman called Jishin doesn’t look up, she remembers that day, that first day she had met him and how she had given in. given into her own selfish desires, her need to have SOMEONE touch her, and her wanting it to be HIM. And then he grabs her hair, yanking her head back suddenly to stare down into her eyes as she cries out, “My Lord! Please! Forgive me!”

The voice is a low growl, his rage plain in his eyes, “What you SHOULD have been woman…And SHOULD be…is the same as ever…an order you can understand and will continue to, I should think, regardless of what abilities you come to acquire and what rank you hold!”

A soft whimper, “I should have had the courage to die facing you, My lord, been as brave as you, instead I gave in.”

“I would never have killed you” He smiles then, “But look at what has becoming of your world that I have taken from your matriarch, when I put her in her proper place.”

Her voice was soft, gentle meek, “You changed it. Changed it so much.”

He smiles, “Yes, and it has become rich and powerful, to say the least….at the price of a few other things. A price so many others slowly have come to seem QUITE willing to pay, haven’t they?”

The girl nods slowly, and the Demon lord touches her mind, bringing back to her memory the submissiveness slowly brought out of the women, the lust and true desire for them from the newly much more aggressive males….warriors…giving them interesting emotions indeed. Emotions bordering on Bliss, if so small as that. And emotions in the mage that brought her love to the fore.

“I remember that well, My lord. I watched all those years from my cell.”

The demon keeps her head pulled back, “And then you no longer saw, but felt. As you finally began to slowly surrender to your own male. Who just happened to be the Emperor-King.”

The magess nods, and looks away as he finally releases her hair, “As I betrayed everything I ever swore, and for the love of one who I know can never love me.”

She feels a pair of arms go around her tenderly, gently, “You sought what you desired, Jishin.”

“I am indeed a woman, My Lord.”

“Are you?”

The mage’s eyes close in pain, “Yes, My Lord, weak and foolish, but I still love you with all my soul.”

The demon smiles while holding her with his signature strength keeping her there, even as he feels her body tense, “You are passionate. Desperate for passion.”

“No my Lord, I am a born betrayer.”

The Demon lord’s eyes grow thoughtful, he can remember when he was young, the idea that women, in general, were all born to betray. Then he looks at her, watches as her head comes to rest on his chest, he can smell the salt of her unshed tears, feel her body tremble in an effort to hold it all back. “No Jishin, you are a born helper.”

The mage laughs then, self-mockingly, “NO, My lord, you were right in what you said once. Women are born to betray. We are weak. I am weak.”

“You never did hear what I intended to finish that with, that night.” His hand brushes her cheek as he smiles at her.

“How was that?”

he smiles at her once more, “That such qualities of nature can be overcome…” and again he suddenly takes hold of her hair, just as before, and jerks her head back, to force her to stare up into his face, only now their lips are mere inches apart. “By the male realizing his need to be FIRM with her…” He can feel her tremble in his arms, her lips parting, her knees spreading, her head tilting even more to expose that delicate throat, “And living up to the demands of responsibility that the enslavement of a woman places on him. But Natural traitors? Or is it instantly understanding, even as they may fight with all their might against it for a time…” His lips come even closer to hers, “….what there destiny is, and finding the strength to accept it.”

The mage trembles, “I could face torture and death or worse for D’Vari and resist him. You, I could never resist.”

He smiles as he releases her again, “D’Vari is so little in the end, magess. A schemer, a manipulator, without the most devastating emotion of all.”

She looks at him confused, “The most devastating.”

He turns and bends so he can look into her eyes, “Yes. Compassion.”

She looks at him confused, “You told me that you don’t have that either, master.”

He turns away from her slightly, then, though his eyes betray no other emotion other than perhaps the gentleness he’s shown her thus far. “It comes in many forms, Jishin.”

“indeed it does Master. Like my love for you. Even though I know you do not love me. I am willing to die for you.”

“Yes, I recall the strange emotions during those moments. Strange emotions indeed for one who apparently can’t love.”

“I remember the pain in your eyes when I fell to the steps.”

The Demonlord nods, “Yes, it hurt, the thought of not having you. Of that FOOL taking you from me.”

“I never saw it that way, I saw it as my last form of Freedom. I am only truly free to choose then.”

The demon nods, “And you continually pay the price for that choice, even now. And you still need reminding, many times…or even if not, then you will still be receiving it…of your requirement to submit to your master. To be even more obedient.”

She nods slowly

“In the end, you speak the truth, magess. You ARE a woman, with the qualities that entails. But you forget then of the simple solution to any problems. Men firmly reminding the women they own, here and there whenever needed, why those ladies will never dream of betraying them.” And with that he pulls back on her hair again, to lock her head back for a third time, and smiles predatorily for a moment.

“I did betray you, then, didn’t I?”

“yes and no, Jishin. You betrayed, out of loyalty.” And with that he kisses her firmly, animalistically, making her moan in bliss, each enjoying exploring and tasting the other’s mouth. It is him, not her, who pulls back from the kiss, but only to lick his lips and breath in deeply once more, “As delicious as you always are for dinner, aren’t you woman…”

“Yes Master”

He reaches his arms around her fully, well one arm anyways, and then slips the other under her legs, pulling her up into his arms completely and walking her towards his bed, kicking open the door to do so.

He sits down then, gently, holding her in his lap, but not continuing his more animalistic approach. Instead he just holds her there, brushing her hair back from her face with tender fingers. Enjoying the confusion on his mage’s face, and the pleasure in her eyes.

“You feel shame, it seems, for the fact of women naturally submitting to truly powerful males. Being near-desperate, if not openly so, to be pleasing to them.”

She looks away from him, “I failed my friends, my people.”

He traces her lips, “What was your alternative then, Jishin? To die, and have this world pressed under my iron yoke all the same?”

She shakes her head, "What I should have done, Died and tried to take you with me.”

He smiles, remembering, as she does NOT what had happened at the end of their second fight. He will not tell her how close she came to dying then, and now, except for one, all those who know are dead, “It would have failed.” He says it unequivocally, he knows the damning well enough. Better than all other near immortals or once mortals, all save one.

“I know, Master, but I would have done my duty, like you would have most likely had had our positions been reversed.”

He shakes his head, “Our positions could not have been reversed. I am Kovus, Jishin, not a magess. Singular.” He smiles then stroking her hair once more. Touching her lips to keep her silent, he enjoys the moment. Finally brushing his fingers down her chin.

“Sometimes I would dream silly dreams of your touching my hair like this, master.”

“Not so silly anymore, are they?”

“No, and it feels so strange,” She smiles softly, “Sometimes I would dream of your stroking my hair, or even brushing it. Now your doing it. I never thought you would.”

The demon chuckles low in his throat, “My dreams tended to be a little more…visceral, perhaps the word of choice. Including those things, but including other things as well.”

“You dreamed of brushing my hair?”

“Yes Jishin. In front of one of those stands tended to be used by women. You doing it at first, then my taking the brush from you, and slowly doing it myself.”

The mage conjures a comb and brush, then a stool to sit on, she runs the comb through her hair quickly, “Would you like to do so now, master?”

He kisses the side of her neck, “There runs a risk of me doing other things, as likewise in those dreams.”

The woman laughs, a rich full laugh as she gives him the brush, “Like I mind those other things?”

“I always must wonder slightly…The are still considered as degrading, in many ways.” And he takes the brush from her hand, slowly moving around her. Taking some of her hair in one hand and brings the brush down through it, slowly, taking his time with it’s entire and considerable length.

She purrs softly, enjoying his hands as he works, they are so gently, carefully working out larger and larger portions, brushing them til they shine, “Just a stool, Jishin?” His voice is playful, now that he knows she is enjoying him doing such things, knowing she will be curious enough to want to watch, but waits to see if she wishes to act, or if he should, to bring such a method by which for her to see it.

“I didn’t know you wanted me to watch you, My Lord.”

The mage summons her dressing table from her room. The one HE gave her long ago, to replace the first that had finally fallen apart with age and use. Her smile turns dreamy as she can now watch him. He smiles back, a slight smile at first, but soon it grows broader, betraying his enjoyment of this simple activity. To so many this would seem so strange, but not to her. Never to her.

Soon her chin rests in her palm, her elbow on her knee as she watches him in the mirror, admiring his body, his grace, his masculine animalistic beauty. He gazes back at her, through the mirror, letting her feel his admiration of her complimentary grace and beauty.

The mage blushes. She has never seen herself as beautiful, except for her hair, the one true vanity she and he can agree on. The long mass of silk he brushes so tenderly. He raises an eyebrow and briefly pulls a hand away from holding her hair up to storke and brush it, and runs a single finger gently down the front center of her throat…then back up, so very slowly, brushing the skin by definition, to her chin, lifting it up just slightly, the mage unresisting, her eyes trusting and still, even after all the horrors she has seen, innocent.

His voice was a low purr, “How true….’indeed a woman’”

“Thank you My lord.”

He gently strokes one side of her face, one cheek, with the back of his fingers, then traces his fingers slowly back down her neck, to the skin at the beginning of her collarbone, between her breasts. “For what, dear one?”

“For caring for me, protecting me.”

The Demon lord returns to brushing her hair again, so very softly. Bringing it up to his cheek, to check the softness. Enjoying the soft moans and purrs of his slave girl, “Did not the others do so as well???”

“Not as well as you do, my master. And Master, you have always had a stool and table like this in any room you have given me. Did you want to……To do this even then?”

He smiles knowing what she means, “Yes, but with a slightly different heart then. Then you were more firmly against me, for so long.”

She laughs softly, “I was so hard to tame wasn’t I? I held onto my honor and my word so tightly.”

“In some ways, Jishin, you kept it and still keep it.”

The mage looks confused, tilting her head to the side as he continues to brush.

“For all the accusations of you ‘selling out’ as a supposed traitor, do not think I didn’t notice you begging for the others, so often.” He leans in to smell her hair again, enjoying it’s scent, “Begging me for their safety, for leniency. Earning the nickname some have given you, of Mercy. Earning the nickname I have given you, Jishin.”

She nods slowly, “I swore I would protect them, even if it cost me my life.” He can hear the doubt in her voice, the lingering pain of her supposed betrayal.

“So then you never broke your loyalty to your ideals.”

“I didn’t?”

He chuckles softly, “Is that not true…woman. Consider it. You fought, in the end, through submission. By method of it. By seeking to please and serve you have made your master more content. And willing to be….easier…on them. On all the rest.”

The woman looks up into his eyes. “I never thought of it that way, My lord.”

“Indeed. Perhaps so difficult, in fact, to not feel guilty at doing it, for the pleasure it could bring?”

His breath on her neck makes her shiver softly, “And you did and still do bring me pleasure.”

He nods back at her, “Harder to see what you did do and still do for them, in the midst of your armor being cracked and torn open, and the passionate woman inside being forced to show herself. Being force to make love to her master.”

The mage nods again, “I think only Gold ever knew about my passionate side. I never dared to let the other mages or the members of the court know.”

“Until I came. Until eventually…things changed. And the passion of women was seen daily, to say the least.”

The mage nods, “And they hated me for it.”

He raises an eyebrow, “Whom?”

“The other women.”

He watches her nod before speaking, “For my coming, and your supposedly ‘selling out’? Or from their envy of not being as you, and being total slave girl to the strongest of all men of the dominion.”

He feels her tremble, “I cannot be both, woman. At least, not if they had actual reason, instead of being unbalanced, so to speak. Either they truly did despise it, being made of what Women in my dominions are….Helpful, taken along on all forms of adventures…but their freedom taken, and their obedience to males, to be shown how to serve, ensured…” He touches her neck again, “Or in turn adored it, and merely hated that you, Jishin, are their Alpha. Or maybe not even that, but just craving to be used as you were and still are.”

“I don’t know Master.”

He continues to stroke and brush her hair, “Not yet, anyways. But perhaps someday. Humorous in the end though……Such distaste for a woman that appeals for them. Asks for more gentleness to them. And who receives it, on the right occasions.”

She shivers then, “And who often takes their punishments here behind closed doors. Remember I offer that too.”

“Such horrors jealousy brings.” He can remember times he beat her badly, to teach her what he wanted, to teach the other women lessons. Yet she trusts him. He watches her shiver, and to his surprise she speaks soft words of almost comfort.

“And passion sometimes too.” The look on her face is angelic.

“Sometimes, Jishin. Not as often, passion mixed with guile in some form. Passion can be pure, and wonderful. But what need is there to tell YOU this, eh magess?” He drinks in her beauty, caressing her softly, she is starting to glow with passion-power. The sweet and heady wine he enjoys more than any other.

“I have never demanded anything from you for my passion.”

“Nor I you, for mine…merely required things for other agreements, in turn.”

He smiles at her through the mirror.

“Master, when did you start to desire to protect me?”

“I am not yet sure, Jishin.”

“I know where it started for me.” His look tells her to continue, “It was that day I asked if I could help you. Remember?”

He nods and smiles at her again. “Yes.” Then he silences her with a kiss, and lets his hands start to play with her body. Enjoying her as if this was his last time. Tomorrow they would go to fight the demons that threatened HIS rule.

© Copyright 2005 MarPai (FictionPress ID:479541). All rights reserved. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the written consent of MarPai.

And now the Reviews

Reviews For: A Moments Peace by MarPai

Nala Sydreile
ch1, anon. This is a very powerful piece - very passionate, extremely vivid, and really intriguing! There are a few minor typos, I think; otherwise, brava!

P.S. Will you turn this into a chapter-book or is this a finished piece?

ch 1, signed Another great one… i think this is one of my favorites. Thank you… it put a much needed smile on my face this morning :slight_smile:

Good job, Trotsky! Now there are “fan fics” on the forum. You have doomed us all!

Fanfics are even worse than taylon fan comics made with sprites. And those are HORRIBLE.

Excuse me that is NOT a Fanfic. Nor do I WRITE fanfics.

REALLY gentlemen. I write original material with the help of Squall. If your so pitifully under-read you assume all fantasy is fanfiction please visit your local library and you’ll quickly realize that’s not so.

Sheesh. If I was going to WRITE fanfiction I’ld use my website, not my Fictionpress. REALLY