So much history was once buried here

It’s all gone and forgotten now. :confused:


what the devil are you talking about?

I think hes talking about people like… you know who.

Vol… He who can not be named?


/me slaps a piece of tape over oblivions mouth. “Don’t do it, PLEASE don’t do it. It’s bad enough he’s got ONE thread he bitches to me about. I don’t need him on another one.”

He who must not be named has asked me to pass this one. I’m doing it because as far as I can see it isn’t as inflamitory as MOST of his cracks.

Leon@work: Psx has by my eyes become CS w/o even trying. The Forum has become a squalid place of stale conversations and bickering when someone new comes around. I’ve requested that Mar’Pai leave psx by itself as it should be and to come back where she’s Welcome. Psx as a forum has died, there is no one new really all the old formites are just propogating stale stuff, nothing new or really new has come up.

Leon’s not the one who can be named, he’s harmless.

I would tell you the name of he who must not be named, but he can’t be named. You know?

I think so. Kinda like speaking Hastur’s name in a certain city.

Louis Pasteur?

No, he’s the dude. Without him we wouldn’t be able to pasteurise our milk!

See the pun? I took his name and used it to spell out the beginning of a word that has nothing to do with him!


Hands Rav a 2 dollar bill You win the prize. Good way to use a name as a word.

As opposed to his forum where 37-year-olds talk like 13-year-old Japanese girls.

Keep it, I don’t want to take your entire life savings now.

I’ll plot a plan to steal it later.

That process was named after Louis Pasteur, you fool. I hate you. >:(

Are you sure? It seems like you’re making it up.

The guy was French and therefore sucks, why would the fellow who created the pasteurisation process name it after a French man?

He discovered rabies and vaccination and bacteria and such things.

So the pasteurisation process was named after him as a mark of respect?

Probably. I mean, it gets rid of bacteria, and stuff, which people didn’t know existed before he proved it. I think that Pythagorus math process is named after Pythagorus out of respect for his math findings, even though he didn’t invent the process, in a similar move.