So Anyway... DJing Does (Not) Abound

I intend to be a radio DJ on whatever radiostation I can get my hands on in college.

Because of this fact, I have adopted my DJ name. It was going to be DJ Cosmobot, but then I realized that it needed more Communism. Thus I have become Comrade Cosmobot.

Now it is time to suggest Radio Show names. Currently suggested are:

  • King Biscuit Flower Hour (Simpsony, but it was taken from a real show. LAWSUITS ENSUE.)
  • Good Time Party Parade (not Communistic enough, but thanks to my brother)
  • People’s Good Time Radio Fantastic (thanks to Vaska)
  • People’s Commissariat of Music Redistribution (thanks to Vaska)

Suggest stuff for me to use. Names and otherwise. Homestar Runner sound effects are (of course) a must for any radio show of my caliber.

MIDI Explosion!!!

greatest name ever

“Hey you should send my friend Oblivion money radio time”

EDIT: A thought occurs: do you have a voice for radio? Because everyone hates listening to people who talk with their noses or who sound like Macho Man Randy Savage. I sadly only have the perfect face for radio.

This face.

I don’t have any names better than what KBV has already suggested, I demand that you play Monkey vs. Robot on the air, for maximum justicie.

What DO you plan on playing, anyway? Besides Evanescence.

I would tear down your transmitter with a pickup truck and a length of rope.

Do not blame me, blame Pipian!

And KBV.

“My roof, my roof, my roof is on fire…”

I suggest you play that song every day.

I wanna hear Pip’s “eclectic musical tastes”

Point me to the site for maximum downloadness.



(17:57:02) Vaska: what do you like
(17:57:05) Pipian: Well
(17:57:09) Pipian: Consider for example
(17:57:19) Pipian: The amalgum of strange tastes of
(17:58:14) Vaska: u
(17:58:28) Pipian: Overclocked, Utada Hikaru, Evanescence, Boa, Cranberries, Oasis, Gershwin, Oasis, Beatles, Liszt, Two-Mix, and Hoobastank

Those are mere samples (some of which would not be played anyway). DO NOT FORGET THE SUPER DUPER HOMESTAR RUNNER CD WHEN IT COMES OUT.

The more good music I hear, the more would be played.

Needs more Johnny and the Hurricanes - Red River Rock.

Needs more Cornelius - Monkey.

Needs more D-Devils - 6th Gate (Dance With the Devil Remix)

Needs more Rhapsody.

Needs more Wesley Willis.

Needs more Soviet National Anthem.




Also you must play Tom Waits.
The college kids’ll love it.
Mostly Tom Waits - The Piano Has Been Drinking

Damn strait!

Play <a href=“,Death,andJapanese126.mp3”>this</a> all the time. It’s worth it.

you know what you doing pip… ok this stops here

Needs more Queen, Styx, Our Lady Peace, Pink Floyd and NIN.

and some more teenage angst

YES. Also, needs more CAKE.

Curses, I was going to upload Monkey vs. Robot to the site today but I forgot. I will do that tonight.