Really stupid thing in chrono trigger

When you are in court for kidnapping Princess Nadia…
It does not matter of you are NOT GUILTY or not, it ends the same…
They say you are not guilty but still have 3 days solitary confinement, but the event after that say you are to be executed. WTF? You are not guilty and you are getting executed? Hows that work.

The Chancelor is corrupt and wants you put to death no matter what you do, so he manipulates people into doing his bidding. That’s part of the plot.

How retarded is that?

Evidently, not very.

Ever get all of the jurors on one side? I postulate that it is impossible

That’s messed up. I haven’t played the game and have no idea what I’m saying. I’m commenting for the sake of making a comment.

Wow. Part of the plot or not its still pretty dumb.

if you dont get out of the jail cell in time, Lucca comes to save you anywayz. No worries.

Yup then a level 99 amazon with a 80 spread shot bow with all this damage comes to clear the place out!

1: Yes, it doesn’t matter. The chancellor will lie to the jailor about your sentence. THat is because if you were recognized innocent and let go, Marle/Nadia wouldn’t run away with you, and you wouldn’t enter the gate, and you wouldn’t find out about Lavos. You only say it’s retarded because you’re used to the more recent RPGs giving you rewards for EVERYTHING YOU DO, which is just so realistic. “Thanks for mowing my lawn, here’s a Sword of Blunt!”

2: I got all the jurors on the correct side on numerous occasions. The trick is to be a model citizen and speak naught but the truth in the trial.

3: No one badmouths Chrono Trigger in any way, except for that thing were you see a sealed item in the present, go in the past to power it up, agrab the upgrade in the present, then go grab the original in the past. Therefore, you have two different versions of the same thing. That’s stupid(but fun)

Having Akira Toriyama do the animation is possibly the greatest thing Square has ever done… although he had previously done all the animation for every single Dragon Warrior/Quest game ever made. Good thing Square and Enix are now one. :slight_smile:


What Nigga What!

I love crono trigger, posibly my fav game (right next to Final Fantasy 3) and if any one has naything bad to say about it I will attack them with the viciousness of Shadows dog.

it’s an awesome game… too easy though >_<

chrono trigger…oh ya now i rememeber…first and only time ive ever seen this game was accually at ratty’s house about 5 or 6 years ago

I beat it with a gaming manual the year it came out (1995), and now I wish I hadn’t. Whenever I play it now, it’s too easy/nothing new.



watches as he blindly runs off a cliff
haha… what a dumb B****

I love the ‘overclocked remixes’ for this game. I also like the Yasunori cd. Awesomeness.

There working on another sequl to the game… not sure if it takes place after chrono trigger and befor chrono cross (which i dident play, because it looks stupid imo) or after chrono cross…