Really stupid thing in chrono trigger

YES Chrono Cross was one of the biggest failures I ever saw Square put on the market. This is mostly because it is more of a sequel to the game “Radical Dreamers,” a game not released in the U.S. and no one has ever heard of rather than Chrono trigger.

The actule sequal to chrono triggers was a japnases title that revolved around the travels of magus… but alas it was part of a fad during that time of interactive books… so the game was mostly text with a few options every now and then… and a few neat SNES style backgrounds and cutscene type things…

umm… Yeah it was called Radical Dreamers, but the translated ROM I have of it had nothing to do with Magus…

Truth be told, the Chancellor is not very different than an admin I know from another place named Mace.

What, who is this person, do you always make personal remarks behind people’s back’s Squall?
How uncouth of you!

But does anyone have proof of another sequel to Chrono Trigger being in the works, I have heard people talking about one, but not seen any offical word on the matter, I hope it is true. :slight_smile:

Since when do I do it behind his back? I called him pathetic straight to his face.

Three of them in fact since the last posting imagine that. :wink: