Psx What possesed You!?!?!?!?! News on Arik and D7 and San Diego

In “cleaning up” The forums You inadvertlly Deleted all of Arik’s Threads and Posts ARGH! I “am” not pleased with this… :bash

Anyway this just in from his newsletter for his fans and friends.
July 14 - 20 San Diego, California, San Diego Comic Con 2003 we’ll be there on request from SkunkComics, in the dealer’s room no less so if you have a chance and are hangin’ out in San Diego, stop by and say hi…I’m sure I’ll be hoarse by then but I’m good in sign language so…actually I just wave and fan my arms around but either way it’ll be a good time : ) SO, Chembot , and Psx “might” have a chance to meet with Arik face to face, I know I’d think it would be kool. :faint: lucky sob’s

nobody posted anything for 30 days. all his art is available on his website i believe. quit yer bitchin’

Well fine then , whatever , its “your” kingdom after all, so I’ll just excuse myself your majesty… Bows I’ll just take me leave …

What’s the deal with you putting quotation marks around words?

wEasle, qiut It “you” flamer!!!11 !! 11 :bash:sad:;):goof::p:sarcastic:bouncing1:faint::confused:

u Think “that” yuO Are soooo Funny, “huh”??!! :sad::flame dev:sad::ghost::bash:sad:

wow, what stick got shoved up your ass?


MG wins the thread.

Haha. I like his second post though. The implied message was quite good.


wow its uncanny. I have never seen so many people kissing ass before…

Kinda makes me sick :barf:

Um, what?..

If this is the kind of way the admins here treat people who’ve put up a lot of their hard work for others to see, by just annihilating it without warning of any form, I’m quite happy that The Messiah of Spam has pissed PSX-Dude off with his posts for so long…the freakin’ place deserves it.

Misty’s talking about everyone treading SO VERY LIGHTLY around Lord PSX (al la FanForum of old, a place that basically went communist…Trot should visit, he’d like it), so as not to be banned, or maybe worse.

What you did sucked…Dude.

The post was deleted because I was trying to cut down on the database size, it was 300 megs, close to the limit of my host, now it’s 20 megs. I’m not going to ban anyone unless they do something wrong, i’m just trying to joke around a bit.

Arik’s free to repost any work he feels he wants to repost, the database had to be pruned because there were so many posts people don’t even reply to anymore. And since people get so mad when someone revives an old thread, i figured, why would it hurt to do that?

why must you guys take things so seriously, lighten up

Yeah, lighten up, Junior!

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Cal wins again.

After reading this, what the hell is the big deal? The man needs to cut down on his database, so he deleted a thread that was taking up too much space.

Cut the drama bullcrap, I’m getting sick of it.

Well, You know what? Why not then get rid of the -random crap- thread as well? Right… Archive is gone she has already said she is not coming back. Since you’re pruning anyway please feel free to to just start the arts forum clean again.

you posted in it 3 days ago, i don’t prune it that much.

Whatever then might as well. I don’t care whatever is there anymore I have it all on Cd rom now days anyway. :rolleyes: