Psx What possesed You!?!?!?!?! News on Arik and D7 and San Diego


Leon, you’re such a meanie-head! How could you possibly leave us?!

Please! Go go… I think I’m going to have to cry now.


Last time I asked you whether you liked my posts, people were opening gifts all over the world, weren’t they?


wow…never knew this thread would last this long…

And I actually was aware that PSX was doing somthing to the site…damn it I could have gotten my rpg stuff…pouts…Oh wells I can write others…



You mean OUR RPG stuff don’t you? There was no backup for it, since I had little clue it would be deleted. “No one touched it for so long,” doesn’t get very far when the fact that I was working on planning it out is taken into account. If someone’s going to tell me to “quit bitchin,” I’ve got a nice place in mind for them to shove it.

[/rage for now]


I think I’m finally starting to really like the PSX-DUDE forums!


:bouncing2 …happy guy…happy…I know your pissed off but think of it this way…we can write better ones, drawing from the old ones :smile:

Sorry to spoil your happy little moment MG, but this shall go no further…

*Art can be found on his web site…if you miss it leon…create the thread at JP…

*Squall I will work twice as hard on the next rpg’s, so its okies

*And thus ends this little whatever you want to call it…


You have a bloodlust in your veins, eh MG?



My thoughts on this topic-------> :bash


I never knew you could be such a tightass. He can post what he thinks in response to your post.


Misty , Squall come on now lets leave them where they’re at … We’ve other issues that need attending to instead.


I didn’t realize how many posts ended up getting deleted, sorry bout that. I have a really old backup from February.


:bash …That icon is so kewl…Its my fave next to this :zzz: one…

Okies guess its all over and everyone can just move on…water gun anyone? Its summer after all… :smiley:


hey MG are you still alive? I think I have you on DA still but not too sure can you confirm this ?


I know he’s on Facebook. I think he just got married.


Cool Oh Just found out Arik BTW has a new series coming out called The Horsemen the artwork is looking pretty sweet, then again his art has always been pretty sweet to begin with.


Arik is working on a new project confirmed, plus the cont. of one of his previous projects as well.