Pipian's sweet 17

Happy birthday Pip, may it be a magical day, or at least a day of getting cool crap for free.

erm yea happy birthday dude…

Happy Birthday, duder.

You’re the coolest 17 year old I know (you could pass for 30 based on sheer smarts).


Haha! Thanks for the compliment Trot, even if we are often polar opposites on an ideological scale. At least I don’t bother you with inane posts of “lol omg a/s/l”

Yes, those you only bother me with.
Happy birthday. Go for the 'Poddy goodness.

Yet $300 isn’t enough hwen you take into account what else I want (and the fact that my mom wants to open a checking account with my birthday money as well). I think the 'Poddy goodness will have to wait for Christmas.

Foooooool! You squander your youth like some kind of youth-squanderer!

I thought Jews liked people doing business with them (the banks)?

Also Hollywood. iPod -> money for Steve -> Pixar.

True, but I would be in a financial bind if I got one. Thus, Christmas (besides, I would hardly have enough time to put music on it before I leave tomorrow, what witht he making sure it works right in Linux which would undoubtedly take about 2 hours alone…)

I find it so hard to believe that you are younger than most people on your own boards.

“Hey, Oblivion, I’ll explain my post to you because I do not grasp sarcasm.”

Ayway, happy belated birthday, Piper. May lightning strike you dead at 18 (trust me, it sucks).

Nah, 18’s not so bad, as long as you don’t have parents that want to get rid of you the minute they’re not legally obligated to take care of you. I didn’t really do anything after 18 that I couldn’t have done before, other than getting a checking account and going to strip clubs every night. Well ok, I lied on the second one, but my life wasn’t all that different after 18 for me.

Pip lives in Texas. Doesn’t that mean this is virtually guaranteed or something?
Of course, Pip will probably be moving out anyway, since I can’t think of any reason he would want to go to college in Texas.

football scholarship?

For Pip?


Come to University in England…

Enjoy victory in the wintry lands of the north. You could go to Watertown or something, they have conservatism there. Or Lawrence (in Appleton).

Lawrence is always welcome.