People are fuckers

Normally I’m ‘down’ with the moral relativist shit, but this crosses the line. Follow the link and be appalled.

edit: head hidden in shame. The sentiment remains, though.

Thank you sir and welcome to last year.

And I’m pleased to be here… How are you?

I don’t read these forums often, evidently.

I’ll just remove the link and hide my head in shame.


I’ve actually known about this for months, but I just read a short story in which the main character is sent to a similar facility by court order, survives (the facility is not portrayed positively, mind you), and GROWS FROM THE EXPERIENCE TO BECOME A BETTER PERSON.

I doubt the author realises that such facilities really exist, much less the permenant effect they have. I am currently in full fervor mode.

Meh, it’ll wear off when you realize no one is willing or able to stop it. Then you’ll slowly forget about it. Then when someone brings it up you’ll just wave it off.

That’s how parts of you die.

Oh no, I’m a goth.

See, the nice thing about that thread is that the people on it thought of
some things to do. A half-dozen emailed the secretariat of Amnesty international. Beyond that, simply linking to sites with articles like that one creates a ‘google bomb’ effect: the site with the most links to it gets top google search result billing. Linking helps make articles about the truth about tranquility bay turn up higher than their propaganda.

People who would send their kids there are already uninformed and probably not net users. And the news would never touch an ‘internet story’.

Blivvy, I think it’s time you learned what the term “inbred hicks” means, and how to use it in describing the pedigree cretins who inhabit this great continent of ours.

This ‘school’ costs 40k a year, the kind of sum that KBV and I know as
shadowrunning money. These people aren’t hicks. They’re yuppies.

Shh, you’re destroying my fantasy! All bad things come from hicks!

they destroy culture
ok, that’s it, no more hitler just before bed

Correct. Uninformed well-meaning snooty people worried about the lack of control over their child’s life. Rest assured at least one person was sent to that delightful place simply because he chose the incorrect sexual orientation.

Or the wrong religion. I don’t have much use for people who decide to be wiccan or whatever just because their parents are Christian, but I’ll bet at least a few people who do that go here, and I weep because of it.

The best part is when they say that any report of abuse is to be ignored. That’s awesome.

That is absolutely a fantastic thing that they say that, but it’s not the best part. The best part is when parents decide they’re right. OH EXCELLENT.

Dogbert was right. There need to be parenting tests.

Nah, just free abortions. Or maybe a combination of the two.

Thank you sir and welcome t

Wasn’t I banned from those forums for claiming that furries should be shoved into ovens?

I seem to remember your saying something about that.

Wasn’t I never at those forums and barely aware that they existed?

(hint: YES)