Peekabo I see you, and I KNOW what you do

Hi Squall. You can’t hide from someone who knows how to use the power of Google


Oh no my secret identity!

You go, girl.

does squall even come here anymore? I guess he sometimes makes sitcome-like appearances every once in a while, much to the delight of the studio audience…

We’ve said his name two times. Once more and he will appear in a flash of drama.


Wait, I mean…DAMN IT

You mean like cthulu or Haster???

Ok here it goes




Out of time and space, with the High Ritual invoked, a ghostly bell tolls thirteen times, and the Angel of Strangeness walks with appropriate melodrama back into the land of the sarcastic computorial grease monkies…and looks right at someone he had no idea was able to find him in his many manifestations.

Funny catching you here, babe.

Hon, you KNOW me. I was surfing the net while you were still in diapers Winks If I can’t find you no one can. NEVER mention Kovus Tegatane. Google Loves him.

Disapears back into her world of Servers, Mainframes and lack of training

Does not ask why she brings up Kovus here.

Somehow I doubt the thing about the surfing the net then thing, because the net only came seriously online in '84, and not en masse until five years later.

Close enough Hon, Close enough. I can still remember when Gopher was your friend. And there was no such thing as graphics.

Am I old?

I remember when the cutting edge was Space Invaders. Am I?

Nah, your still a young pupp. I still remember when PONG was king. Heck I have an atari gathering dust at my parent’s house with abuot 20 games

I’m not just old, I creek

Doubtful. Your voice would be a lot different if you did.

i remember dinosaurs they were big and



stop shouting it’s disruptive

Wow, it’s like the candyman only not as retarded!

And on the internet.

Hmmm… maybe it’s more retarded.

WATCH it. Or so help me I’ll invoke him again. I am the Mage