Oldschool RPG's

I remember the first one I ever played was Crystalis for NES when I was aboot 9 years old. I was like holy crap this is awesome. I actually get stronger with each guy I kill! It saddens me to see the new recycled RPG’s of today with their guns and laser swords and sci-fi themes… >_< I sadly know a lot of people who would argue that Chrono Trigger was the best SNES RPG. Now I admit that it was a very good game, but I think it was just too easy. My vote for best SNES RPG would first go towards Final Fantasy 6 and then Star Ocean or Tales Of Phantasia. I wonder how far this console gaming thread will get. Any thoughts?

Chrono Trigger IS the best RPG ever. The easiness is very alterable, considering you can try to beat Lavos with only Crono and the mop.

The only nes RPG I fancy is FF1, because of the freedom in the characters’ personalities, and the very good ending (for a nes game).

Originally posted by Zeidrich
Now I admit that it was a very good game, but I think it was just too easy.

Easy?! Gah! How do you beat the twin golems ner the end of the game? One move take out half of your hit points (like, actually half of them, not like alot of hit point, 50% gone instantly) and BOTH of them do it. Then they have a freakin’ strong attack that taken out the rest of the hit points. And they attack more than once each turn! I actually tied going back to the previous two room and leveling up some going back and forth, but to no avail. Your turns are spent on healing and reviving dead characters. Damn those golems!

Huh? No, I’m not bitter…

hmmm well actually whether or not you beat the golems doesn’t affect the storyline at all but you can go ahead and try it for kicks. I think I did it once and it was very hard considering the level people usually are at around that part of the game.

Personally, i think Xenogears is the best RPG ev4r


Ok, that was a bit unnecessary. :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by aoshi
Personally, i think Xenogears is the best RPG ev4r

Yeah, definately best PS RPG. The polygonal graphics for it’s time were amazing and it has the most confusing plot ev4r :smiley:

I vote Chrono Trigger. I’m playing it for the first time in my life right now…and I can hardly fathom its greatness.

BAH ! and FEH !! I preferred the Tenchi Muyo RPG then again I’m a Big geek anyway. :slight_smile:

Lol Leon that thing was just hilarious. It reminded me of anime Final Fantasy Tactics…

Good for you Trot. You notice blatantly without having to get too far, that the animations are by Mr. Akira Toriyama himself. Spikey hair, Marle and Lucca both have Bulma features, Magus had the same face as Piccolo… yeah

Oh great, now Trotsky will stop playing.

My characters names are Trot (please notice the extra space. I tried to fit Trotsky, failed, then put Trots, deleted the S then…well, I don’t know what I did), Vanya, Katya, Slipy (Slippy wouldn’t fit for the frog), and I will name the Robot: Toast.

From now on, I will name all of my RPG characters after breakfast foods.

Dragon Warrior 4-eva.

If only the SNES remake had actual improvements…

I only ever beat the first Dragon Warrior.
But I really loved all four of the NES ones. Especially 3&4. Great battle themes.

Zone of Enders

Not old school, not an RPG. Leon, you do know what this thread is about, right?

sees the edit I wonder if he originally posted something relevant.

You’d think that, wouldn’t ya?

I guess not…?

Anyone here play the Seiken Densetsu series?
I thought the first 3 games were awesome, however Legend of Mana was a complete joke.