Oh no Terri Shiavo is almost dead

We need to smuggle her some arbys immediately!

[size=1]You know, to finish the job.[/size]

More like to revive her completely at full faculties and also give her super powers.

That horsey sauce is amazing stuff

It makes you healthy as a horse! Get it?!

…'cause it’s made from retired racehorses… mostly the hooves…

Few know that horsey sauce can restore damaged brain tissue. Also it immunizes you from tetanus.

And it’s the only sauce that jacks you off while you’re shredding down mount Everest with a bunch of fucking pirates that try to catch you and rape you in the ass.

Hold on, the courts have to spend the next four years debating whether or not this is a good idea.

She’s doomed, I tells ya.

Surely you mean her parents have to spend the next four years being absurd cunts and appealing to every court on the east coast even though every single one of them says the exact same thing: “SHUT THE FUCK UP, BOB, AND LET YOUR DAUGHTER DIE”

Okay, I’ll stop ranting now.


But God doesn’t want her to die.

You make the baby Jesus cry… and the adult Jesus too. Jesus is such a pussy.

If God doesn’t want her to die, why did he fuck her frontal lobe? Face it, God hates Terri Shaivo.

“Its the way God meant it to be” would be the bullshit that a Christian would say. But that’s funny kbv, and so true.

If God meant for her to lie in a bed, without a brain, and with a body that is slowly but surely shutting down, then God is a really big prick, and he deserves a cosmic punch in the nose.

Thank sweet bippy Jesus, he’s just make believe…

So they finally starved her to death. What I want to know is that if it’s ok to just stop feeding her and wait untill she dies, why couldn’t they just give her a shot of cyanide and get it over with quickly and painlessly? I mean, if she had any concept of pain and suffering left in her head, she had a fucking terrible week while her stomach acids ate through her stomach lining and started digesting her intestines.

Because, killing is wrong (you’ve really got me, its stupid).

Maybe they expected her to wake up out of it and walk to arby’s to feet herself.

Fortunately (or unfortunately or whatever), she had no such concept.

Religious reasons. She was Catholic, and they are against any type of euthanasia, so their only real option was to let her starve to death.

Edit: I mean, [font=Impact][size=7][color=Red]ARBYS[/color][/size][/font]