Lieberman Just Lost

<a href=“”>This article</a> is why Lieberman has no chance of making President.


[edit]This just in: Lieberman will also lose because it’s obvious he is the Sith Lord.[/edit]

[edit]This just in: <a href=“”>Hah!</a>[/edit]



wait, hail to the chief has no words

"You ought to see one called “Grand Theft Auto,” he said. “The player is rewarded for attacking a woman, pushing her to the ground, kicking her repeatedly and then ultimately killing her, shooting her over and over again.”

“I call on the entertainment companies – they’ve got a right to do that, but they have a responsibility not to do it if we want to raise the next generation of our sons to treat women with respect.”

Parents have the responsibility not to be fucking stupid enough to buy their 12-year-old a Mature-rated game, but okay, Joe, let’s just replace all the violent games with Pokemon and Big Bird Teaches Typing.

Besides, no one treats women with respect anyway.

Pokemon teaches kids it’s OK to be cruel to animals. Big Bird teaches kids it’s OK to see giant talking birds. All GTA does is teach bad manners. Seems to me Joe has his priorities a little messed up, here.

Hail to the chief he’s the chief and he needs hailing

I didn’t know Israel’s flag had a little url at the bottom. They sure were ahead of their times when they designed that flag there.

I got nothing.

he makes a valid point, but since it’s rated 17+ the game company is not responsible if a 12 yr-old gets his hands on it. blame the parents, but we can’t blame the parents, because they’re “never wrong” or some stupid shit. oh well, liebermann seemed to be the nicest when my tv was oddly tuned to the democratic debates.

INTERESTING SIDENOTE: I jsut got back from helping edit a video. While there, people were playing GTA. GTA WINS.

He also won’t win because the South thinks his name is Jew Jewberman.

He lost before he ever ran for president. He continues to lose. Loser McLosington!

I feel I should point out the part where he says companies have the “right” to make games like GTA, so it seems unlikely that he’s all that dedicated to eradicating it from the world.

And, while I’m on it, I agree with him insofar as it’s just reprehensible that stores don’t enforce the age restrictions on videogames with the same fervor that they do for alcohol.

And don’t be ridiculous. There are plenty of great games on the market that include violence in a far more wholesome manner than does GTA. See Metroid Prime and any Legend of Zelda. No one is advocating the end of violent videogames, but isn’t it at least slightly unreasonable to get upset because some people are offended by games that glorify mob violence, the murder of prostitutes, etc?

And Pokemon is a great game… at least the first ones were.

I love that the part of the Patriot Act that has been ruled unconstitutional is a part almost no one has ever heard of and no one cares about at all. What a “victory” for civil libertarians this has been.

“a victory for everyone who believes the war on terrorism ought to be fought consistent with constitutional principles.”
I believe the war on terrorism ought to be fought with a few nods in the direction of grammar.

Then the terrorists have already won.

Grammarhu akbar!

Then the sales gods/government types should make stores enforce those restrictions instead of trying to change the games (I get the feeling parents won’t be satisfied until they see one of those signs that say “you must have been born on this date in 1987 to purchase M-Rated games”).

And yes there are plenty of great non-Mature games, most of which are better than the Mature games (Mario Kart Mario Kart Mario Kart Mario Kart Mario Kart Mario Kart Mario Kart Mario Kart Mario Kart Mario Kart Mario Kart Mario Kart Mario Kart).

It’s okay if people don’t like violent games, I’m just tired of seeing these news reports about parents (or parents’ lawyers) yelling at game companies because Timmy shot a dart gun at the neighbors after playing Hitman.


pppsss: Mario Kart

The real terrorists are 13-year old AOL users.


Everyone wins!

Yeah, when I read the story, I just sort of blinked, and then kept playing more Castlevania IV.

The Left is jumping around like this is the best day ever, and the Right is calling the Left terrorists for celebrating that this part of it got struck down, while also saying how this is going to bring Al Qaeda down upon us like holy fire upon homosexuals (also a problem in these great United States).

I just hit the x button and threw more holy water. Take that you cretinous flying horse head!

Trotsky, your ability to deal with current events while enjoying ++++++++++ quality games is commendable.

Here, The Trot, have a trophy.

Blivy, I am in awe of your awesomeness. You get pizza.