Interest Check: Taylon Browser RPG


How dare you suggest such things! You don’t want to give them that idea!


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I recommend the “flee in terror” option!


You have died of dysentery. Try again?




How close is it to completion?


Quick answer: I don’t know.

Longer answer: seriously, I don’t know. This isn’t exactly a simple game. I want it to be as lengthy as I can possibly make it. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m going to create the entire game before releasing it, as I plan on opening a beta version as soon as I complete a few areas at the game’s start (I’ll probably give players a level cap of 10 or something). After that, I’ll continually add new areas (and more levels) as they get done. My main goal right now is finishing enough of the storyline that I don’t have to change it in the future, so I won’t have to go back and edit all the stuff I released.

Some game details:[list]
[]The story involves Brick’s cloning machine WHOA DRAMABOMBASTIC. Your character will be a clone of one of the following characters: Taylon, Duckface, Brick, Trotsky Orb, Robot, or Bran.
]Kirel is not a playable character because he would do max damage to everything. That, and he’s an optional “boss” late in the game. The goal of the optional Kirel battle is to do as much damage to him as possible (note that he cannot actually be defeated). The total amount of damage you deal will be recorded, and the top scores will show up on a top ten page or something.
[]As you level up and gain INV (inventiveness), your character will be able to construct new inventions. These inventions will serve as your attack/defense/support skills.
]You cannot die of dysentery. You can, however, die of droooooo.
[*]Some other stuff I’m probably forgetting.[/list]

Actual answer: in exactly t
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Oh god this game is everything I had hoped for and much, much, much more!



I really wanted to make this game for you guys:

I hope its right!


Hehe, thats actually quite a fun little game! :slight_smile:


Promo art

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That brick is lacking in brickness.


Yeah PNG files will do that.


Oh no!

I hope this game will not require HDTV support because I do not have such extavagances.


It’s alright, I think it’ll run on an LCDBluerayDVDDigiQualiCast TV.




And maybe some questions which I would very like you to answer
You will have MSPaint in return


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Hey you fags make some more enemies for the game. SOMEONE has to work on it!


So I created a demo using the Quake 3 engine for this game, but it was deleted when my hard drive crashed. Please send me a pm and a check for $3000. I’m going to try and salvage the hard drive.

Your web-based one looks okay too.