Interest Check: Taylon Browser RPG


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Please finish this RPG.


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Okay you mounds of clowns, it’s time to get creative.

Think you’re crazy enough to come up with a Taylon RPG enemy? It’s not difficult…just do what I do: hit yourself in the brain with a large hammer, and then write down the first thing that comes to your mind (obviously no copyrighted characters). You have the option of drawing the enemy as well, and if you do this, you should draw it on the template linked at the bottom of this post (the enemy must fit inside this template). I’d prefer it if you’d keep it a bitmap so it’s easier to work with. If you’d rather not bother with drawing it, you can simply provide a description of the enemy.

In addition, you can list your enemy’s stats, like whether it appears early or late in the game, whether it focuses on attack or defense, or whether it has a lot of health or little health for its level. The enemy is also allowed up to three special skills (optional).

Skills in this game are similar to the magic system of other RPG’s. Basically, magic is mostly replaced with inventions. Like magic, players and enemies will use inventions for healing, doing elemental damage, or removing status effects. For example, you can give your enemy a portable freezer that shoots ice cubes that do ice damage. Your enemy’s invention can also do regular ol’ physical damage. Using a skill will use SP (like MP in other games), and enemies have a limited amount. If you want, the skill doesn’t even have to involve an invention. If your enemy is a fire-breathing goat or something, then it probably doesn’t need an invention to do fire damage. As far as effects, this game contains a lot of the same ones used in other RPG’s. Just put down something like “heal” or “poison” or “fire damage” or “fire shield.” Look at any Final Fantasy strategy guide for an actual list. Again, skills are optional. The enemy customization possibilities are limitless! Note: the enemy customization possibilities are not limitless.

Enemy details you might include:

  • Enemy name
  • Level (I’m limiting this to 1-60 for now)
  • Attack text display (the text that appears on the screen, like “Enemy slaps you with a glove for xx damage!” Try not to make this too long)
  • Skill or invention name(s) and description(s)
  • Skill SP usage (a little, a lot, or JUST RIGHT!)
  • Skill text display (like attack text display)
  • Low/Average/High attack power
  • Low/Average/High defense
  • Low/Average/High SP (enemies can run out of SP)
  • Low/Average/High speed (if the enemy has a higher speed stat, it will have a better chance of attacking first every round)
  • Critical hit chance (normal attacks only; does not apply to skills. Most enemies get a 1-5 percent chance for a critical hit)
  • Elemental resistances, if any (-100 to 100%)

Don’t make your enemy annoyingly difficult by giving him incredibly high stats with 100% resistance to all damage. Oh, and your enemy cannot be a boss, so if you were thinking of making a level 90 Supersephiroth or whatever, then TOOOOOOOO BAD!

Any questions related to enemy creation can be posted below and may or may not be answered depending on how tired I am.

Enemy example:

Mippo the Busy Pedestrian
Level 12
Low HP, High speed
-50% resistance to ice damage
50% resistance to shock damage
Attack: “Mippo tries to get you out of his way by punching you in the face! You take xx HP damage!”
5% chance to critical hit

  • Malfunctioning cell phone (shock damage): “Mippo throws his malfunctioning cell phone at you for xx HP damage!”
  • Refreshing energy drink (cures a little HP): “Mippo takes an energy drink out of his backpack and drinks it. Mippo gains xx HP!”

Enemy template bitmap:


Well I could make one for Xavier, but I think I already talked to you about including him. Since he’s an actual character from the comics I guess there’s a good chance you’ve used him, perhaps as a boss. If not I’ll make something.


Yes, there is already a Xavier, as well as a lot of random characters from the comics. Go with something new and exciting!!!





Then you probably have way too much time on your hands!

I won’t frown on multiple submissions from one person; after all, there’s still a lot of programming to do which is going to take long enough without coming up with a whole game’s worth of enemies.


Congratulations, Oblivion, it’s a beautiful baby boy!!!

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I think I will call him Eggbert.


Okay I did one:

Emo Wizard
Level 13
low - medium HP (I am not sure), Medium speed, low defense, high SP
25% resistance to ice damage
25% resistance to shock damage
Attack: “Emo Wizard flails his arms in your direction. You take xx HP damage!”, low damage
1% chance to Crit

Ball of Despair - “Emo Wizard casts ball of despair. You take xx HP damage!”, medium damage uses some SP
5% chance to Poison

Life Sap (Cures HP) - “Emo Wizard saps your will to live. You take xx HP damage, Emo Wizard gains xx HP” low damage uses some SP


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FUN FACT! Winner = hippos


What about Hippos vs. Kirel?