Interest Check: Taylon Browser RPG

So I had an idea.

Then, after I ate that Arby’s, I thought of another idea. Taylon has ruined both the webcomic and Flash movie scenes, so why not ruin the Internet browser game scene? INTERNET BROWSER GAMES RUINED FOREVER THINK ABOUT IT OKAY STOP

As the title of this thread indicates, I started thinking about a Taylon RPG game for the Internets platform. You’re probably questioning how similar this is going to be like Kingdom of Loathing, and the answer is: the Taylon game would most likely be much like that, but with more pictures. PICTURES AND COLORS DISTRACT YOU FROM THINGS THINK ABOUT IT OKAY STOP

Basically, you would be able to choose from a number of characters, for example Taylon, Brick, or the Trotsky Orb, and you could live out your wildest fantasies of having silly-looking enemies kill them all off. Or, you could have your character actually defeat the enemies if you wanted. I guess. You’d get your standard RPG stats like HP and STR and all that other nerdy crap the kids seem to like, as well as craaazy weapons and items to equip and use. ITEMS THAT ARE CRAZY CONFUSE YOUR BRAIN THINK ABOUT IT OKAY GO

So I’m asking you lovely forum folk if this is a decent idea or if you would even play something like this, so I know whether or not I should get started on it. I sat down at work and started to build an example of what this game might look like (because fuck doing actual work at work), then drew some stupidly random opponents at home, and I came up with the following:

Battles and such. I am an artist:
<img src=“”>

<img src=“”>

Trotsky Heal 1 is a stupid name for a skill. BUT WILL I CHANGE IT IN THE END???
<img src=“”>

The Trotsky Orb is a stupidface (the awful truth revealed):
<img src=“”>

A terrible map screen:
<img src=“”>

Please post comments or thoughts or suggestions or death threats or whatever, but if you can, place them below this post so I don’t get lost in my own thread.

Oh god it is like I am looking at the internet world of tommorow TODAY

This looks awesome and I would totally play it. Browser games are the wave of the FUTURE. But if you could make it so that players can interact with each other (trade, fight, chat in a special browser window, “see” each other when they’re in the same place) that would take this from silver to GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD.

But either way you choose to go, I’m totally in.


Three people so far? That’s, like, half the Internet!

Silver to gold? Of course you mean: gold to platinum. Or possibly platinum to barrynium.

Players will be able to at least trade with and send messages to each other. I’ll probably get some sort of browser chat client for “chatting purposes” or whatever. PvP would be interesting, if I can figure out how to make it work. Of course, this will all come much later in the development process.

Some other things about the game: I plan on making it like a standard console RPG, where you will have to actually walk around the map; instead of arriving on a map and simply clicking on a building you want to enter, you’ll have to walk your duder from the map entrance to the building, with the possibility of random battles along the way. Or, rarely, instead of a random battle, a “Suddenly You Teleport” screen which will take you to a money-making minigame of some sort. I’ll try not to make maps too big, so you don’t have to click a billion times to get where you want to go. Also, there will be waypoints. IT’S LIKE DIABLO 2 BUT WITH LESS PICTURES AND LESS CLICKING BUT MORE NUDE MODS!

Oh God. This is awesome with a lowercase awesome because Taylon does not feature capital letters. I would play this for, like, a month before I saw something shiny. I would play it at work even though I work at Subway so it is impossible.


OPENGL accelerated??!?!?!?!!!?!!?!?!?!


yeah, looks like fun. The mario clone was great.

Thanks, though this game will not be done in Macromedia anything, just regular ol’ Internet coding.

Also, I will be implementing OpenGL and pixel shading with a special ActiveX control. Unfortunately, the same control also hacks into your bank account and transfers all of your money into a mysterious account in Brazil. Then it formats your hard drive.

I’d say that I’m excited, but I’m not. Probably because I know that you’re never actually going to do this. Also your time would be better spent on WorldWar. Or baking cookies.

That is all.

Rock. On.

I forgot to make the letters bigger

I for

GIL!!! <img src=“”>

Are you done yet?

Wicks and I have been playing it together for a week.


If you code it, they will play.

I leave for a month and I come back to this crap!? Where’s my Draculon: Part 2? Or 5, for that matter?


This is funny because I was thinking about making a hilarious (boring) text-based Taylon adventure game. There would be zero pictures, and the-opposite-of-zero laughs! Negative zero!

I would like to levy my support for this.

But it’s Roms…so we’ll see it sometime in 2050.

Surely this is the greatest thing that will never be made.


Patience, ol’ chap. It may be coming along slowly, but it’s coming along.

That’s what they said about FEMA’s support in New Orleans.