Impeach Bush?

Who thinks that Bush should be impeached? I know that around here, everyone is anti-Bush, and the smaller weekly papers are all over him. What do you think, being from (perhaps) Republican states? Also, what about Blair? I haven’t heard too much about him, but I’m definatly for impeaching Bush, although Cheney would be the worst fucking president ever. And I do mean worse than Bush.

… (Megaman for Pres.)

Here’s what I have to say about it:

While impeachment is the prerogative of the House of Representatives, two facts prevent it from getting further than a debate and possible unsuccessful vote:

  1. The Republicans hold the House. I find it doubtful that enough of them can be convinced to vote for impeachment.
  2. Whereas what Clinton did (perjury/obstruction of justice) is illegal (and thus more deserving of impeachment, for setting a very poor and illegal standard for the commander in chief), Bush acted on what he perceived to be correct information. Or at least the most correct information he had at the time. Telling the American people such as justification may be dirty now (especially if he knew it was false) bit it is hardly illegal, making it harder to impeach him.
  3. All this anti-Bush talk is merely a political manouver against Bush, rather than a direct attack on Conservative policy, because the same thing is happening to Blair in England: They are ideologically different, and BOTH are being attacked by their ideological opposites on their home side of the ocean; Bush by the Dems, Blair by the Conservatives in England.

So as far as I see, Bush will not really have to deal with any impeachment, aside from talk by overly harsh Democrats (who are likely making a bad decision if they’re running for the candidacy).

Also, most Democrats who are running are just throwing anything against the wall to see what will stick, and are finding it difficult. While Bush certainly has a difficult battle uphill with the economy (though pundits are saying that it has practically recovered now, people are still concerned), international relations will keep him flying high I think. Any eventual candidate will likely end up a McGovern, due to a lack of a strong leader for the Dems to rally behind.

But even Labour party members are pissed off at Blair for lying flat out about Iraq.

Over here conservatives don’t seem to care that we fought the war for no good reason. I blame this on the fact that they’re all Americans, and Americans are foolish.

Do we know he was lying? You need to look at the exact wording. Was he giving his word? Or was he saying “We have received reports from British Intelligence that…”?

And there are Republicans who aren’t trusting Bush right now either. It’s not universal hatred in any case.

For example, here is Bush’s “offending” quote from the State of the Union Address:

The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.

Note that he makes no statement that it is necessarily true. He merely states that the British government (or in some interpretations, British intelligence) learned that he sought uranium.

I am against impeaching bush, we hang out on weekends, and drink every friday night. It’s fun, he’s a great guy. The economy isn’t doing that bad right now and we fought a war on the wrong grounds, so what? we’ve saved a lot of Iraqis from dying because of Saddam. Plus, we’ve got oil, and oil is good MUHAHAHA.

I’m also for recalling the governor of California, Gray Davis, he’s doing a lousy job and just plain sucks. Plus he looks like a snake and signs papers like a 3 year old.

You should be happy the process wasn’t held up in court then. Just make sure you get that recall before the Democratic primary. And also be careful of the Democratic threats of not offering an opposing candidate.

But we don’t have any oil. They blow up all of the pipelines. So instead, we’re spending 58 billion dollars trying to be “benevolent.”

And if we’re saving Iraqis from death by Saddam, why aren’t we saving the Burmese? Or people from Rwanda from the Hutus and Tutsis? The North Koreans from their evil government? The Chinese? Less important? Too hard?

And if the President says it in the State of the fucking Union, it better be fucking true, especially when he’s trying to sell a war that’s going to get hundreds of American boys killed. He shouldn’t be working off British intel anyway. It was a stupid thing to say, complete lies or not.

And yet the UN hates us for it, even though the world recognized Saddam as a menace to world safety.

Don’t know the situation there, aside from oppressive government. But that’s not what we’re after.

Isn’t that over? If it is, consider the fact that that was under a different president (Clinton).

We are considering this (for other reasons, primarily Nuke related).

Too important for our economy, and too large.

And it was. The British government DID report to the President that Iraq was seeking nuclear material. The fallacy of the information does not apply when the President is not informed of all the facts. Which he was not.

I will admit that much, but I would stop far before saying that he lied with intent and knowledge of the lie’s falsehood. If anything, it was yet another failure of our intelligence to completely offer ALL potential sides to the President at the same time.

Explain how a man who has consistantly been upheld as a man who does his best to tell the truth (so says almost everyone who has met him) would have the audacity to tell a blatent lie to the entire nation? I don’t believe it would happen. I believe that if anything, he was misinformed, or led around the data the wrong way to get the wrong impression.

Wait wait wait, you’re saying President Bush is a man who does his best to tell the truth?

I sure know I tend to pass out when I eat too many pretzels…

Funny, that only happens to me when I snort coke.

Or when I drink. Heavily.

But hey, pretzels are a pretty dangerous food…

That is a personal matter and has no bearing on his political nature.

You’re right, we should be in there, kicking ass. As for the Chinese, they have nuclear weapons, so a lot of people “have their hand on the chicken-switch.” We took out Iraq by the simple logic of “do what we can, when we can.” I find it interesting that North Korea sought peace talks with the powers of East Asia, like Bush demanded, after he went and annihilated Saddam’s forces. The international statement of our willingness to grit our teeth and fight for liberty (and it is liberty, whether liberals ever get it or not) does as much as actually dealing with Saddam himself did.

And if the President says it in the State of the fucking Union, it better be fucking true, especially when he’s trying to sell a war that’s going to get hundreds of American boys killed. He shouldn’t be working off British intel anyway. It was a stupid thing to say, complete lies or not.

Tell me Trot, far more unborn children die every year from Roe vs. Wade supported slaughter than ever on these battlefields. Are you against that, as well?

All the people of Iraq see is one dictator replaced by an American dictatorship.

Screw Democrats and Repulicans I’m for the Independant canidate. (Save for Arnold of course but thats to be expected)

Right, American dictatorship, we freed them and are setting up a government for them just like our own. By the people for the people, then we leave. Where’s the dictatorship in that?

Like Perot? If I had my way, we’d clone Nixon and place him back in office.

Well, the US chose their next ruler, and didn’t ask for their opinion in doing any of this. Also, they keep shooting people over there.

Because you want the biggest crook ever to hold the office of the Presidency to rule again??

And unborn fetuses aren’t human’s…they’re fetuses, and part of the mother.

She should be able to decide what to do with a part of her body, not the government.