If Aaron Were a Judge

No, I’m not so sure about that…


Im down nigga.
Oh wait cant use racial slurs on the Romshand forum…

That’s right, haoli honky cracker white… goy… uh… Kraut Limey Russkie.

commi iraqu


mmmm I think I may have already posted this actually.

Why must this be such a recurring theme…

Because everyone enjoys ethnic, religious and national slurs, you… JORDANIAN.

Hey whoa man, that’s taking things too far.

There was dissent for furry-burning? What’s going on here? I think the terrorists have won

Excellent. They’ll know what to do with furries.

Crash them into the white house?

As long as furries are dying en masse, I’m pleased.

Even if I die…as long as those fucking yiffing brides of satan are going down with me…SO BE IT!

Here is your special Allah vest. Go! Go!

Wait a minute, this vest isn’t covered in dynamite… those are pepperoni sausages!

Allah is delicious!

KBV, why you not pm me anymore? I wants to cybors you!

Alas, I am taken! <strike>(by Pip)</strike> (by Pip)


Wait, does this mean Trotsky is free?

There should be less gay’n and more furry killin’ in this here thread, fer lawd sakes!

Can’t we do both?

We all know Furries are going to hell, but Ima kill em and go there too, to get me some hawt James Dean ass.

If we meet furries in gay hell, can we kill them again and make them not be there?