If Aaron Were a Judge

<a href=“http://www.newtimesbpb.com/issues/2003-11-27/feature.html/2/index.html”>This</a> would almost certainly be the result.<br><pre> ^<br> |<br> --------------LINK!!!</pre>

<i>“We must teach Christians that they should vote for political candidates that follow the biblical positions on the political issues. . . . The major political issues that you should teach the biblical positions on are abortion, homosexuality, capital punishment, income tax of citizens, affirmative action, right to bear arms, and public school prayer. . . . I do not teach people to become Republicans, even though I am a Republican. I do not teach people to become a Democrat. I teach them to know and understand the issues at large. And I know they’re going to do the right thing in the voting booth. We want to be very, very careful as Christians not to ‘cancel out our salvation’ as we enter into the voting booth. Many Christians are doing that. They’re praising God on Sundays, then on election Tuesdays, they are ‘canceling out their salvation’ because they are siding with the enemy, with the devil. . . . [Being homosexual] is an abomination, something so nasty and disgusting that it makes God want to vomit.”</i>

Oh, man… Oh. Man. Man.

Fucking scary shit. Yowza!

You can’t post a juicy quote like that and then not tell us who said it. I hope it was Howard Dean!

It’s true. We democrats are in league with Satan.

He sends out a newsletter every month calling for the return of Union Labor and living wage laws.

It’s printed on flaming parchment.

Too hot to Trot!


Wow, just knowing that this guy is on our Judician Nominating Comittee makes me want to vomit. How can people not see through the horrible things he says?

I hate to change the subject here, but why are you awake at 5:46 AM on a Sunday?

With an avatar like that, I’d be up masterbating to it too. That elf is hott.

oh wai

Um, this is democracy and freedom. It’s why we have a First Amendment, and the “horrible” things he says are part of his way of life. Maybe he’s ridiculous and crazy, but freedom of speech is never needed to protect speech that everyone likes.

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Double shit.

I didn’t see where Jaxian said this guy shouldn’t be able to say this stuff. I only saw Jaxian mention these points: this guy is a) loony, b) crazy, c) very, very scary and d) in an appointed office affecting people who do not share his rather disturbing views on how religion should affect politics, and lament that the facts are not very comforting when put together.

But if Jaxian actually meant to take the extra step and say that because this guy is fucking insane he either should not be allowed to hold office or should not even be able to voice his insanity, then, well, yeah, you’re right, he’s a fool who should <strike>have his mouth stitched shut by federal agents</strike> think a little more about the first ammendment.

I think we should burn Furries in ovens!

Who’s with me?

<strike>y u gots 2 h8?</strike>

I am Kanishu the Silver Fox.
Why must you persecute my brethren!

And God spake to Noah: Thou who art jacking off to anthropomorphic skunks fucking anthropomorphic coyotes with either an equal, or greater amount of penises shall be placed inside thine holy kiln, and purified.

Lo shall it forever be.

Now is this before or after he burned all the jews for gaying up his religion (just kidding adam sandler I heart you)


Anti-semitic comments are always welcome here!

KBV did a far better job explaining this than I would have. I agree with everything you said, Mr. Fabulous, but that is different from anything I was saying.

And we’re all happy about the Furry burning, right?