I had recently posted a thread

And it was about humorless people and their hatred of me.

But then I thought better of my anger, and decided, instead, to tell you about furries:

Did you know furries are people who wear big animal costumes and have gay sex with each other?

Did you know that furries should be destroyed?

Did you know that furries, if they want to pretend their animals, should be used for their pelts and for food?

Did you know that ovens capable of burning fake fur, human flesh, sinew, and bone can be built for very little capital?

Did you know there are no constitutional protections for furries?

Did you know that furries collect in large, concentrated, easily herded numbers at large conventions known as Fur Cons?

Did you know that an organized team of about 25 people, fully trained and outfitted, could control a large convention center if given a solid plan and the element of surprise?

Did you know that painless casulaties could be kept down in such an event with the use of fear tactics and non-lethal aggression?

Did you know that frightened people (in fursuits or not), can easily be put into large panel trucks?

Did you know that these trucks can be rented cheaply through a large company such as Ryder?

Did you know that a cheap effective poisonous gas can be produced from mixing bleach and ammonia?

Did you know that in a closed space, such as the back of a panel truck, this gas could asphyxiate a good number of people?

The more you know…

shooting star

Just imagine the snake in a top hat is a furry female fox drawing with 15 penises or some such, since I can’t photoshop or draw at all okay!

Good lord, if I were a furry, that would be the hottest anything ever.

It still is, but it would be, you know, more so.

The more you know!

If you were a furry, you would be the hottest anything ever. I mean


I think I’d dress up as a coyote.

Then I’d fling myself off of a cliff with a large, novelty slingshot, because I’m a furry, and I should die.

But then it would be funny, because, as we all know, coyotes die by slingshotting off of cliffs all the time…

No, coyotes usually turn into accordians after slingshotting off cliffs. You wouldn’t die, you’d just hold up a sign that says “Ouch.”

I think the ovens are your only hope.

hi trot-to-_ttrotsky how are u uh i was i was uh wonderin if uh, y’know if if u, y’know if ur not busy or uh any–anything, if if u if u could if u would, i mean if we if we could uh y’know maybe uh go out sometime maybe to a to a ya y’know a movie or maybe a maybe a ya that’s that’s what we could do if ur if ur not y’know busy or anything plz say yes <img src=“romsus.com”>

I’ll see YOU at Furcon '05!

No, you’ll see him in hell.

It gives new, frightening meaning to “hisssssss” and Trot’s obsession with The Race

hey ppl, i like ovens for making pizza.

edit: someone make me a pizza. pizza pizza pie. every minute, ever–

hey wait, are you guys talking about furries?


This thread has become far too yiffy for my tastes.

We need an actual furry to keep the excitement level up…


Where’s Jaxian?

Now that you mention it I haven’t seen him post in a while, maybe someone should make a thread about how gay people should be deported because they are breaking the sacred laws of god or something, that would get his attention.

Hey you guys! Will you are you going to the CritterLympics this year guys?

I sure am and I won’t be losing the musical chairs event to you this year mister!!!

My faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace has melted because of that link. Trot’s proposal is not good. The only solution is to construct massive galleys of ovens to put these creatures to flame. At first we’ll have to go a little slowly so we can collect data on which types of furs burn best, but then we’ll be all set up to distribute on a large scale some of the best kind of pain there is: pain experienced by fursuiters.



Because it looks hot.