I guess it's been a while


I haven’t logged in for 3 years, 6 months, 1 weeks, 1 hours, 34 minutes, 48 seconds. For some reason that account was deactivated! What the fuck? Anyway, here I am.



You should probably log in more.


Duly noted.


Hey! Yes, its been quite a while! Glad to have you back!


Thanks. :slight_smile: So what’s everyone up to these days?


Yay! It works again.


A small dog.


Yeah it’s my sister’s chihuahua/jack russell mix. His name is Weeeeezard.


Weeeeezard needs food badly

ba dum, ching!


Welcome back, cute dog. :slight_smile:

<- Thats what I’ve been spending a lot of my spare time playing lately.


Thanks, and thanks. :slight_smile:




So whose dog is that? Yours I suppose.


It’s my sister’s dog.


Thus, psx-dude, we conclude that it his infact the sisters dog. Using the scientifc method I could break this down for you… however it will require me to draw up charts and graphs, and you know how much I louve charts and graphs.


It does look rather enormous in that picture. Rather freakishly enormous. But I assure you that it is your average(ly small) chihuahua/jack russel mix.


There. I’ve logged in more often.


Haha, welcome back! I’ve logged in a couple times this week myself. Not much going on unfortunately.


Squall I think has gone into hiding…


See, it’s easy when you try