I guess it's been a while


Yoinks then eh?


Holy moly, we had a Romsus login.


I don’t know what you’re talking about.


Heh heh he






Ok Awesome Convention thingy next week I’m dragging the whole family up there its time for Animebanzai!! but I’m betting no one can get dragged away for a weekend of convention hijinx and shenanigans.


Looks like you’re still in Salt Lake City? How’s the weather? Does it snow out there? :slight_smile:


It doesn’t ever snow here. I’m jealous.

Anyway, what’s everyone been up to?


Copying code out of clearcase into git for a CI environment and hunting lost cables. How have you been?


Great! Still working for the shadowman, focusing on kernel and realtime kernel stuff. Although last night I went to a local devops meeting and learned about Illumos[1] and found it really interesting. I might have to play with it and learn more about OpenSolaris.



Update: I stopped working at Red Hat, and started working at NetApp.


Oops, I meant to post that with this account. ^