I feel insulted

<A href=“http://gamespy.com/titlefightqualifying/”>GameSpy</a> is having a “Final Fight” for video games to determine the best of all time ever, starting with a qualifying round where 64 games are chosen. The format will be similar to GameFAQ’s video game character tournaments, but instead of focusing on whether or not the character is cooler, you’re supposed to consider th ewhole game. Well, the picture attached is what’s infuriating me.

Number of people who know what they are talking about:<pre>
Final Fantasy VI + Final Fantasy IV + (Final Fantasy X)/3 = 2157 + 505 + 1197/3 = 3061</pre>

Number of people who have no damn clue what a video game is:<pre>
Final Fantasy VI + Final Fantasy VIII = <b>5337</b> + 972 = <b>6309</b></pre>

My faith in human beings:<pre>

<img src=“http://www-personal.umich.edu/~paste/images/FinalFantasy.jpg”>

By the way, the fact that you can see that image means the forums are full of shit, because they kept telling me when I tried to attach it as a file that is was “Not a valid image.”

Which Final Fantasy was FF VII?

I think I only ever played VI, and I never got very far.

FF7 was the one with Sephiroth.

FF6 had a violent clown for a final boss, therefore that game wins.

Who voted for Final X and X-2? They aren’t even interactive, it’s just a really long japanese shoujo anime split in two parts.

Sign me up!

meaning that any game not released in the past 4 years will never have a chance at winning because noone remembers before the Playstation (See: Zelda Link to the Past or Ocarina of Time, though the Cube version is good anyway)

Ocarina of Time was a damned good game, but Link to the Past was, I think, a better game overall. Not by alot though. I thought the gamecube version, although very enjoyable, was too aimless in it’s gameplay. In the part where you’re hunting for triforce pieces, you’re just wandering arround looking for gold half the time so you can get the maps translated. Just a long section of boring treasure hunts and sailing before something interesting comes arround. Back in the older Zeldas they made you work for every piece of triforce you got, having to go through a complicated dungeon and defeating a baddass boss, but most of the work in the GC version was just getting enough gold to translate the maps. But uh, I guess I’m just ranting… don’t mind me.

Link To the Past was the best Zelda game, however it did not contain the greatest Zelda character, which was the minigame guy from Wind Waker that put on wooden pirate masks.


OK… No fair putting Lemmings up against Chrono Trigger and Perfect Dark


Why is Megaman X winning… 3 was the best hands down.

It introduced sliding, protoman, rush and made you re-fight the Megaman 2 bosses…

X had better gameplay. Simple as that.

I think most of the picks have come out right, though did anyone notice how asinine some of the categories are? Seriously, best Diablo game?! There are two games! And the second one is just like the first with more options, so who would pick the first? Ditto Grand Theft Auto and any number of other stupid categories they have.

Contra won the best 8-bit thing, and that’s a good choice… Symphony of the Night is rather clearly the best Castlevania game… Final Fantasy VII’s victory is stupid but not unexpected, since it was the game that made an entire genre playable for people who don’t live in their mothers’ basements (thank God VIII didn’t win is all I’m saying)… Mario 3 is not my favorite but it’s also a good pick… Mario Kart 64 is the legitimate winner of that particular series (though my above complaint applies to this being a stupid category)… Mega Man X is just plain delightful… The original Sonic is kind of a surprise, but it definitely shows that the people voting in this thing aren’t braindead… TIE FIGHTER!!! How can anyone accuse these people of not knowing things when they overwhelmingly picked one of the greatest games ever made?.. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out beating Tecmo Bowl, Blades of Steel, and NBA Jam is silly, but I’ll allow it… Ocarina of Time is a solid pick, though I agree with the above posters that it’s technically not the right choice… Chrono Trigger beating Perfect Dark and a bunch of riffraff is not at all shocking, though I’m sad to see Perfect Dark have to deal with such an uphill battle right from the start…

Sorry this is stream-of-consciousness-y, but I wrote it while I was reading the polls.

In that this was just the preliminary rounds, the “qualifying” rounds, I don’t think it’s fair to bitch about this. I mean, they could have just skipped the qualifying bit and just given you GTA: Vice City as a contender for the top game without bothering to give people the choice of which game in the series was better.

Symphony of the Night is rather clearly the best Castlevania game…

Calstlevania III, yo. Alucard. 'nuf said.

Mario Kart 64 is the legitimate winner of that particular series

Have you even played Double Dash?

I must agree, though: lumping Chrono with Joanna was just fucking stupid, in that Jo should have been with Bond and Halo for an FPS instead of against what some argue is the most enjoyable RPG, and even the most enjoyable game, ever made.

But after saying that, I suppose it doesn’t much matter what Perfect Dark goes against. I mean, this is going to pick the “absolute best game” or something, and I didn’t read anything about place and show, so Chrono would have won out in the end anyway.

And I wish they would have done that. Honestly, I don’t want to vote for my favorite GTA game. More than that, though, I don’t want anyone to vote for it. The mere circumstance of holding a vote about that is an insult to everyone’s intelligence.

Calstlevania III, yo. Alucard. 'nuf said.

What? Alucard’s in Symphony of the Night too, you know. And as an added bonus, you don’t have to deal with retarded characters like Grant. Plus, COLOR-CHANGING CAPE! When Alucard is wearing the Maize and Blue, all is well.

Have you even played Double Dash?

Oh please. A fantastically powerful system like the GameCube at our disposal, turning out games like Metroid Prime and Wind Waker, and I’m even expected to notice that yet another Mario Kart game has been churned out? Is there any wonder that Sony has spent so much time whipping Nintendo, or that Microsoft and their XBox do such a bang-up job of it here in the states? Mario Kart was essentially finished after the Super Nintendo version. The only reason I pick the N64 one as the best is because it’s more legitimately 3D… and because otherwise the N64 has roughly two playable games.

omg yah u r write, but it is funy taht lemmings is doig so well imo, lmao. o wel, gamespy sux at makig gud game server programz that r on evry instal cd for ea games, so y not sux at makig pollz 2? two an 0 if u ask me. k bye.


taht is wat i was thikning zeidrich.

I have never played SotN but I’m voting for it based on this information alone.

As good as the N64 version was, DD races are chaotic to the point of near perfection. It’s essentially the N64 version with more features.

It lacks the Tower multiplayer level, however it does have a Tilt-A-Kart level. It tilts!

Also: watching Trotsky attempt to stay on Rainbow Road is quite entertaining.

Watching Trotsky is always entertaining. He’s dreamy…