Gov. Grey Davis = hate

So I finally get some doh to fix up my car so it’ll pass California emissions standards and I attempt to get a temporary registration sticker so I can legally drive it to a shop. Turns out that they want you to pay for the registration before they’ll give you the temp sticker. No problem I say, I got some doh, but then I find out that just registering my car will cost over $150. The great Gov. Grey Davis signed into law not a few weeks ago a bill that TRIPPLES the car registration cost in California. So now I no longer have money to repair my car because of registration fees, which do me no good because I can’t drive it untill it’s repaired. So I’ve decided to become a conservative and hate democrats. At least ones named Grey Davis. 'Cause they suck.

HGuress you have a reason to recall him then. REGISTER TO VOTE!



Or do what people in Michigan did when we had emission standards: riot.

Oh, and if you don’t think the conservatives will have to do something glaringly stupid to raise revenue, that’s just silly. Although, Gray probably should be shot out of a cannon. Into the sun.

I think I might agree with Trot in every aspect of his post. It seems that conservatives have gotten “compassionate,” which means “tax-and-spend”… which means they’ll do something unbelievably lame to raise money without cutting any of the state’s ridiculous spending. Which is funny, because I try to think about what it would be like if I couldn’t afford to pay my electricity bill and decided to rob people rather than stop buying Internet porn… not that I pay for my Internet porn - it was just an example… highly hypothetical… anyway…

Also, Gray Davis should not be recalled. The good people of California wedged their heads right firmly up their asses and they deserve to pay the consequences of their glaring stupidity (term borrowed in homage to Trot’s moment of lucid genius). Hallelujah for the “progressive state”!!

Finally, riot. It’s a really good idea, especially if you can blame it on whitey. If you are whitey, blame it on rich whitey. If you’re rich whitey, you’re fucked. See you in hell.

Who saw the Daily Show today about Davis? :smiley:

If you’re rich whitey, and in California, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Also, send me your Napa Valley wine.

But here’s my dream: California recalls Gray Davis, and elects one of the 48 conservative talk-show hosts in the running.

He will outlaw liberalism, make gun ownership mandatory, and will probably invade Arizona. The state will then fall into a pit of dispair, mob rule will be declared in LA, and the Latinos will return the land to Mexico, just as Montezuma said.

Montezuma: “And lo, Southern California will be returned to the Aztecs. Mmm…Carl’s Jr.”

my dream: California recalls Grey Davis and elects Arnold Schwarzenegger (who is actually a canidate I believe) who terminates all political opponents and rules with an iron fist. Yeah, California would probably be in worse shape, but we’d have fucking Arnold Schwarzenegger as our leader. By the way, I did NOT vote for grey Davis.

Will you vote fore Ahnold?

I’m sorry, Minnesota already won the beefy governor prize. There is no reason to vote for Arnold. Vote for me instead.

I am not running for governor of California.

My dream: Gray Davis recalled, Larry Flynt elected. He’ll outlaw clothes, make owning porn mandatory, and will probably invade Arizona. The state will “fall” into a massive orgy, mob rule will be declared in LA, and the entire population of Mexico will emigrate to the United States. Spanish will be declared the official language and Jeb Bush will become the duly-elected heir to Montezuma. Meanwhile, Pat Buchanan will have a coronary and die.

And then love will return to the world.

Man, before I was sick of hearing about California and the recall election, but now I can’t wait for it to happen!

heck yeah I will!

I would too, he’s the only one presenting sane ideas.

Although they’re probably not his.

Gah. He’s just another “compassionate conservative” (read: liberal Republican). I hope he expands Medicare and imposes steel tariffs… wait, that was my turncoat of a president, George “Souter” Bush.

I’m voting for Howard Dean. At least he’s unabashedly liberal.


You’re at least half right.


I strongly suggest the Rev. Al Sharpton.

Actually, if the Democrats nominate Dean without first interviewing Sharpton, they could be fined $200,000.

Tonight on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Arnold Schwarzenegger will announce whether or not he will run for governor of California. I recommend that everyone watch the show, or you’re gunna paaaaaay late fees!