Either people don't sign in

…or we’re on the threshold of a new tomorrow. There are seventeen guests on as I type this.

They’re here to watch us perform.
HEY YOU BUMS !! Where’s my damn peanuts !!! I don’t care about the “Don’t feed the animals” sign. Throw me a bag of peanuts, Hell get me a meatball sandwhich !!

I bet they’re from ****ing CS, trying to see if Leon&Squall are plotting something, anything.

Could be…

(Roams around his cage building that partical cannon and getting the firing solution for WAM’s house in Seattle.)

Hey Squall ! You took my Ionizing atom partical magnet again !

So he lives in Seattle, eh? I hear Mace is within striking distance of Misty’s 1337 martial art skillz…

Yes, well you set things up with her, and I still need that Magnet back?

(Swings on a Tire and goes for some banana pudding for lunch) OOOKEEEEK OOG !

Tosses him magnet. Hook that up to a superconductor, and maybe we’d find that way to throw a tractor at you-know-who…

Maybe… hey we have poeple looking at us again.

(Depants shows off ass and pulls them back up)

PIZZA!!! Now ! Send a Chicken el fresco Pizza to My Cage NOW !!! I said now poeple !!! (Points from the screen) P|-|339 //\3 !!!

I’d listen to him, folks. You don’t want to push him into drastic actions…

16 guests. It’d gone down, but now back up…

We have a escalator of guestie type “peeps” it seems eh? Good thing none of those CS’ers are here save for maybe smee. but there hasn’t been too much commotion btw us recently either. But as long as WAM and his toadies are away from here the better, no need for polluting this site with thier hordes of filth and uncouth behavior.

I got a thing against Smee though, along with anyone else who claims to be a “friend” but doesn’t have the balls to stand up when said friend is shackled and attacked, etc.

Other then that and the rage he’s thus caused in me, I guess he’s okay.

Indeed! (Flings a Fece at The Pic of that which would be Smee) PIE !


o0 Moo? Cow? wait a sec I feel so old… 9925 Posts so far. Its been a long time since I joined up here at Psx’s invitation.


Why have such engines been hanging around for a week or so?

Cow PIE, Leon.

Ewwww Cow Pie ! I like lemon myself and look The Romsus comes to visit does he want to play?

They’ve been hanging around since VB3 was installed.

Ponders So are they just syntells, or real people behind the masks?

I think this is a case where me and & squall are being sought by The Free Masons or/and The Illuminati. Hey its kool. If it pays better than where I’m at now sure!! I’d love to get a better job with better benfits and place where one could see and view thier email when they want to and not be confinded to the compound of that which is “work” and only “work”