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Are they “them” ? Are They the ones that seek out and recruit poeple ? Damn this is like trying to figure how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Toosie roll Tosie pop! The world will never know becuase The Free masons Assisinated Mr. Owl before giving us the answer. :cursing: DAMN IT !


Perhaps for you, my friend, but money means less than nothing to certain others…if it were Gates himself’s offer to pay me a billion$ to commit evil and nazistic stuff, he’d get a quick turndown.


Buddy Jesus says:

Remember who loves ya.
$_$ “Ching” !


Indeed, remember.


The Guests return… Greetings, all.


Mostly the guests are bots, mostly.


google likes my forums.


As do all the bots; be they robots, battle bots, autobots, they all love these forums.


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