Doom 3

it’s a piece of shit!


They spend 3 years making one of the best looking engines to date… and what do they do? Turn off the god damn lights :mad:

The game is actually quite awesome and incredibly beautiful. Buy/aquire a copy today!

Oh I completely concur. I just wish I could SEE without having to resort to my god damn maglight :confused:

Turn up the gamma or learn to deal with it. It’s supposed to be scary and stuff, the fact that you can’t see sometimes is supposed to make it more challenging while freaking you out.

here’s some screenshots

Just beat the game last night. I just have one thing to say: Hell is really fucking cool.

woot hell

I have yet to beat it.

Cacodemons frighten and also terrify me.

The chainsaw is the greatest invention in mankind’s history.

I don’t even want to know what the Baron of Hell is like.

My only complaint? There are too few pinky demons. Actually, strike that. In this game, that’s a good thing. I almost shit my pants the first time one attacked me.

I hate the floating heads. Sometimes they’re so hard to kill!

Yeah, the pinky demons are hard fuckers because they move so fast. You usually don’t evn see them untill they’re right on top of you, and by then you’re flailing arround shooting in random directions. Also, the first time I got the berserker powerup was pure joy. I’m only about 2/3 through since I always look arround for powerups, hidden ammo, and secrets. There’s a ton of stuff you’d miss if you weren’t looking in the corners with your flashlight.

Ever find any duct tape?

Actually, theres a mod out for Doom 3 that adds a flashlight to the pistol. Go get it. Its nice to actually see what you are shooting.

That would be the Duct tape mod.

I’m waiting for a co-op mod to come out, which hopefully will be soon

Was there a map editor somewhere on the cd?

yeah, apparently you can access it through the console with a command. I don’t remember what that command is, but I’m sure you could google it.