Diablo 2 Expansion

I dunno if a thread was already made for this, but Ratburn and I have become increasingly bored of this game due to not being able to progress any further into Hell mode and stupid hexers who invade every Nightmare cows game. I know a lot of people just hate this game incredibly, but whoever does play it go ahead and post your usernames and maybe we can get a couple games going. I know a couple of those Romshand kids play it so yeah lets kill some minions.


If you’re getting tired of people invading Cow runs… make your own game, and password it… :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, whoever has any good weapons and armor to spare to a friend, let me have. :slight_smile:

Some fucker hacked me “in game” and made me drop my items. He took what he wanted and left the rest. At least he didnt leave me naked. He just took both of my one handed swords, my sash, armor and boots. 1.10 will fix it all.

I’ve got an Assassin in Act II Nightmare.

I’ll get to Hell soon enough.

Speaking of which.
I was not back later, but I am prepared to be back now, once you get back from work or something.

I might be ready five or six hours from now, or if not, then tomorrow evening definately.

Curse you, workies.

Very well. I have to make my head not have so much hair in a couple hours anyway.
Curse you, shaggy head.

You’re fooling yourself. 1.10 doesn’t exist.

you may as well be right. it’s rumor’d existence is what’s keeping a lot of people playing as well.

On that note does anyone care to do some gaming? Or get rushed? Or Give us stuff? My username’s zeidrich, so go ahead and /w *me if you feel like it.

I kinda wish I still had d2 right now… I gave it to my cousin because I don’t play anymore… :-/

Well it should come out. Why the hell not?
Oh yeah, blizzard doesnt care about D2 anymore. WC3 is its new pet.

Oh nos, Blizzard is spending time on an excellent game that also happens to have come out in the last four years, rather than on an also excellent game which is old and has already had most of its quirks ironed out.

And with good reason!

The beta patch is out, though, which means we’ll only have to wait two more years for the completed patch to be released!

I wanna be able to play it before my mission.

If you will now excuse me, im gonna go chew on some leather until my jaw feels funny.

and then wear it!

i gave away my diablo2 and lod cd keys so i won’t be playing any time soon. it was good, but i guess it got old, people started duping and hacking. and i don’t like pallys. i’m a mmorpg fool. swg (star wars galaxies) and sb (shadowbane). awaiting wow (world of warcraft).

As long as it is not “Everquest” You’re cool.

It does get old after a while, but going a few months without playing seems to make it better. Suddenly, it’s like it never got old.