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He’s the unique imp guy halfway between Shenk and the town.

Now that’s just suicide right there.


So… the police are going to eat me in November, because (an estimated) 70,000 people are going to destroy State Street and make the police angry. Or maybe this will just end up being like the Ohio State Can Suck It Party. Either way, that’s 70,000 more people in this place that I don’t need at all. 70,003 if you count the furries I saw today.


What is this for, now?

Lynching that pussy Jim Sorgi day?

If so, I want to be a part of that party!


This is for Halloween. It’s the fourth largest holiday gathering in the country. If they lynched Jim Sorgi, or alternatively made him not play like an idiot, it would become the largest in the world. Jesus himself would appear alongside Moses and Mohammed and distribute bread shaped like the flying W to all the starving children of the world.

Instead, a bunch of jackasses are going to taunt the police and break things while in costume/vomiting in front of the Towers.


Sounds like a rolicking good time.


Presenting the strangest/stupidest/weirdest… web activity ever:


It also has the best ending text:

Your challnege is end.

My best score is 14.

  1. Score!!!

  1. Score again.


why must you hate


My challenge is end after 6 correct answers.

One of the questions was: What is the best band in Italy?

I answered “Rhapsody.”

It was a correct answer.

This test wins sooooooooo much. Nothing beats Rhapsody!



I’d like this test better if retards were somehow prohibited from adding random shit to the database.


They have to get a good score on the test to add to it?


<img src=“”><img src=“”><br>
<img src=“”><img src=“”>

Also, isn’t the anser to this one Voldimort? It told me I got that wrong…

<img src=“”>


This test is now my mortal enemy.


Hahaha, none of those characters are spelled correctly.


Apparently spape killed Harry. Also, here is a fantastic question:

Bet you can’t guess the correct answer! The greatness of the question is rivaled only by that of this one:


this quiz is stupid and the answers are deliberately wrong. even math questions were wrong, even though I calculated the answer like three times.


That’s why it’s so great.


… Pipian you are great.


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