Bubblegum Crisis... 2041?


Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2041 (sequel to 2040, not a typo)
Parasite Dolls (sequel to AD Police)

This should prove interesting. A sequel to the SiN anime movie is also mentioned here.

Thank you , I can now start planning on some ADP UT2K3 Maps for the Sequel release pack

Hey, Leon. Who is that in your avatar?

Leon McNichols, From Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040! :stuck_out_tongue:

Eegads, is there really such a character? I haven’t dared to watch the new series.

Yes… there is. Dont worry, the character is nothing like this Leon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Suddenly, Relief

Originally posted by RATBURN360[pod]
Yes… there is. Dont worry, the character is nothing like this Leon. :stuck_out_tongue:
*Picture a Scowled look upon My face RB … Indeed rather I am like he just not as handsome or chiseled but still very much the hardass.

Hehe :slight_smile:

:goof: indeed :goof: Funny.

Looks kinda like a face that the Quake guy would make. :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by RATBURN360[pod]
Looks kinda like a face that the Quake guy would make. :stuck_out_tongue:
Minus the Cigar , and replace with a Lucky Strike Oh yea baby how ya likin me now? :wink:

Parasite Dolls Open Access Node is now Active Looks like a GREAT Kick ass hard Core Series coming out Imagica Ent. who has given us some GREAT I mean Great anime in the past. This should prove to be something of a great expectation.

Well, there is about 95 % of the site is functional, all they have to do is upload the contents and open for buisness. Oh and you HAVE to have the japanese flash player to go along with it. It seems.

I’m more interested in BGC 2041. :stuck_out_tongue:
Still, I need the 2040 Dvds… im so late.

Why not just break down have Chembot Burn them for you and throw some $ at em for the cds and postage? ?

PLAYTEX reportedly has paid Officer Ms. Romanova of The MegaTokyo Shinjuku Division of The ADP an undisclosed amount to feature thier pantie and new bra line when they learned of her striptease scene to be scene in a future Ep. of BGC 2040. Officer Romonova refused to comment but it does seem coincidece that PLAYTEX sales in The MegaTokyo and Osaka areas rose by a 27% margin this last month.

OOOooo! :stuck_out_tongue:

Poeples Magazine just released Thier Japan issue of Listed Best & Worst Dressed Charaters in Anime. Topping the lists were The SOL BIANCA and Those Infamous Knight Sabers For thier resurrection Tornado now 2043 Video tour, Thanks to the horrible costumes shown in it one would lead to ask the question WHY??? :confused: :eek: Coincidentlly, Ms. Stingray was yet listed and I have no reason to even question it as “Best Dressed” based on her poised and always tre chic and yet classic attire wardrobe. Included as well on this list was Sister gray Friend and Suspected Lover of Iczer -1.

For the men “The Secert of Blue Water’s” Bad DooDoo, Gargoyle Tops of the Bad Beer Mug list of Worst dressed with Rand of The 3rd Series of Robotech coming behind at a close second, Best Dressed was Mr. Brian J Mason of The Genom Corp. who was for some reason unavilbe for comment at this time…

Back to you in the studio, Herb…

Nene is my dream girl :smiley: