Bubblegum Crisis... 2041?

In related news… The Knight Sabers infamous Leader and Owner of Silky Doll Fashion undergarments, had her sibling brother a Mr. Mackey Stingray commited to a Menatl Health institute for treatment on his “Electra” Conplex.

Ms. Stingray had this to comment:"I know it’s only human for young men his age to like to leer at young women like that, but for Crist sakes! When I can’t even take a nice relaxing soak in the Hot tub in the privacy of my bath house for fear from Mackey watching me from a underwater camera or maybe God forbid!!1 him lurking at me from underwith a snorkel. Thats when I place my steel encased foot down. !

Back to you at The Studios Guys… :cool:

Hehe, hes such a perv… peeping at his sister o_O;;
Why not Nene instead?!

Exclusive report:
This just in Iczer-3 has been awarded her 1st endorsment, a contract to promote PLAYTEX training Bras. However, the lil alien has blown her next such opportunity. Sources revealed that durigthe filming of an EveryReady Energizer commercial, she expectedlly sqealed “KAWAII”!!!and ran off with of all other charaters “The Energizer Bunny” … This commentor’s reply… How rare! :slight_smile:


Latest update content is loaded and the site has gone live.

RATBURN!!! Where was that Genom site you found the one you could not get into???


can you try to find it again please?

I dont even remember the original URL. :frowning:

-sigh- Try if you can me and a friend want to try to attempt at a Big case of whammy. On it we think we know a way now.