Attention people named Squall. Nobody else read this thread

You smell, bad.

And happy birthday.

Yeah happy 21’st Chris have a good one!


Now my special birthday thread to Squall has been ruined and he’ll never (EVER!) read it.


You better pray; because if Squall doesn’t read this thread, feel all warm and fuzzy inside and reply telling us about how special this birthday message was to him I’m going to hunt you down like a small fox on a hunt.


Thats it I’m getting the internet police on to you, you’re done for now mister!


I’m sorry, I’m sorry please forgive me! The Internet police told me if I’m ever nasty to another person on the Internet they’ll tell my parents.


Now Squall doesn’t have to worry about getting caught while drinking. A free round [of sour milk] for all!

In the interest of security, we’ll go over this one by one:

#! Crazy – Frightening what happens when you accidentally miss the Z button and hit the one that’s one space to the right, when trying to type out “fuzzy”. But anyway…feeling that, and warm, inside, rah rah. And here I thought you didn’t care

#@ Drag – You’re mean, you call police on people. Whatever happened to jousting?

Crazy again — I feel for you about the Nasty thing…I’ve been BAD to Trotsky before (but don’t tell him I have, though).

#$ Weasel – Like I could get caught by mere law enforcement anyway. But thanks for the sentiment.

Wolfy, dubbed so by Draggy

I don’t… I was just bored…




#:@ I did it because the internet is serious buisness!

I can’t beleive that peple revert to jousting to solve their problems. Jousting it for fun, not for serious business.

So is death. And maiming.

Only when it involves small children.

You’re mean. You need to enter into Meanies Anonymous.


Because women, who you claim LOVE YOU, don’t like men threatening children. Go ask them if you need to.

Squall speaks truth. I get scolded whenever I say mean things around my girlfriend. And I don’t even say mean things, just things she considers mean.

It must be their reverse-psychology tactic to make you be even nicer than you already are to them. Eventually she’ll start taking offense to everything you say, so when you say “let’s go to Arby’s”, you might as well be saying “let’s go throw twenty kittens into a wood chipper”.

Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen. As the old expression goes.