And I ran, I ran so far away

So, yesterday, I was leaving the bi-weekly free anime showing (faaaaag) given at a Montreal university, and the door closed in my face due to wind. So, once outside, I decided to give the door a mighty kick to teach it a lesson. Unfortunately, this was one of those windows made for easy escape in case of fire, thus it exploded immediately.

A lot of people wonder how they react in a crisis. Some would face up to their responsibilities, others would go down fighting. My instant reaction was to scream to my nearby friends “OHSHITIBROKETHEWINDOWRUNAWAY!”. By the time I said ‘away’ I was already disappearing into the nearby metro station, where I waited for my slow buddies. My friend (Seraviel) commented on how he did not know I could run so fast. Truthfully, I only remember the window breaking and then being in the subway.

Lucklily, I don’t live anywhere near Montreal, so I have nothing to worry about.


Jesus, didn’t the door have a frame or something? Because, you know, kicking glass == stupid. Only kick plastic or metal.


This is the great. You are a great human being, and you reacted like most sane people.

Hahahaha, man that’s funny. I would like an MSPaint reproduction of the whole event plz.


Also, I forgot to praise your reaction. Cowardice is YES.

Most glasses I hit are plexiglass or equally strong, so I didn’t exepect a medium-strength kick to basically destroy the whole thing, considering it was public property, therefore often hit by things and people.

The MSpaint is on its way.

I stayed up all night making this.


You are all that is man.

Oh you. Tee-hee.


I think I managed to draw both me and Seraviel relatively like we are in real life. Here:

Considering I’m (somehow) tan right now, and the lighting on that photo sucks, that hideous ms paint goblin is as close as I can get. Same goes for Seraviel.

Maybe I should make this a series…

That a was smashing adventure and a good mspaint resemblance, for serious.:slight_smile:

That a was smashing adventure and also a good mspaint resemblance, for serious. :slight_smile:




I would like to see a photo of Seraviel, as your MSPaint version of him makes him look like some kind of French cat burglar. If he actually looks like that, then you have achieved more victory than you could ever have imagined.

He is French.

French, or French Canadian?

The difference being that French Canadians smell better and refuse to surrender even when they’re clearly defeated?

That, too.

The difference I was thinking of was that French Canadians speak a language, while French Frenches make noises that sound like coughing whenever they encounter a consonant.

He’s half and half. But he was born here.

We could also kick your ass in curling any day of the damn week.

It’s rooted in our genetic core.